Love Island fans demand to know truth about Olivia and Zara feud after fight

Love Island fans are sure they've figured out why Islanders Olivia Hawkins and Zara Lackenby-Brown are arguing.

Tensions have been rising between the pair since Zara's first evening on the show, where she branded Olivia the "most two-faced" person in the villa during an innocent challenge.

In Monday night's episode, things got more awkward as the pair revealed they both thought someone in the villa was "playing a game" during a game of Never Have I Ever.

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Later on in the episode, they argued after Olivia pulled Tom Clare, who had recoupled with Zara, for a chat.

Zara called Olivia out, saying she should "get over herself" for thinking that she had "flown 11 hours just to p*** her off."

The next morning, the pair decided to agree to disagree, leaving the "beef" behind, but fans wanted their questions answered.

"WHAT is the full truth between Zara and Olivia because this can’t be coming out of nowhere WHAT DO WE NOT KNOW!!!!," wrote one fan.

A second chimed in: "I don’t understand what’s happened between Zara and Liv? Why do they hate each other? Why does Zara think that her and Tom are married? It’s Love Island – isn’t the whole point to chat everyone up."

A third pointed fingers at the producers, tweeting: "The love island producers KNOWING DAMN WELL they got Zara on that 11 hour flight just to p*** Olivia off."

But others were sure they'd sussed it all out after an answer they both gave in the challenge played earlier in the episode.

"I have a theory about Zara and Olivia… so there’s defo history before #loveisland with all the comments about being two faced etc," a fan typed.

"Like it’s defo personal and during never have I ever they both had got with an athlete and it was Olivia who asked the question about have you got with a celeb."

They continued: "Then when they had that little make up session liv said I don’t think it’s even about Tom I think it's what happened before.

"I reckon one was seeing the 'athlete' and the other then got with him whilst they were friends and found out."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm

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