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THIS year's Love Island has seen some of the biggest spats in history – although many of them have unfolded off-screen.

The Love Island reunion show proved there's no love lost between many of the islanders, as Maya Jama grilled them about their beef.

And over the years, some stars went from fun in the sun to stormy feuds within hours of leaving the villa.

From cheating claims to bullying rows and even violent bust-ups, here are the Love Island relationships and rivalries that went wrong very quickly.

'Disgusting' podcast comments

In this year's series of Love Island, Tanya Manhenga shocked everyone when she brought back Martin Akinola from the Casa Amor villa, just days after telling Shaq Muhammad she loved him.

Martin was eventually dumped from the villa, once Tanya went back to Shaq, and had some interesting things to say once he left.


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Speaking on the Reality podcast, Martin claimed he told Shaq: "On the outside I would be f***ing your girls in ways you can't imagine."

He said he spoke to Shaq about a conversation he had with Tanya while still in the villa: "I told her she didn't love you and she didn't agree or disagree with that.

"He was crying that night and everyone thought he was crying because of the Movie Night, no he was crying because of what I told him."

And, as Maya invited Martin to join Shaq and Tanya on the sofa during the reunion show, things got very heated as Shaq confronted him.

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He said: "If that's how you choose to speak about women, that's up to you. But it's disgusting."

Clearly taken aback, Martin insisted his comments had been taken out of context.

But Maya was forced to step in and tell the boys they should settle things off-screen for the sake of time.

'Influenced' dumping

Tanyel Revan was firm friends with Olivia Hawkins and Shaq during this year's series of Love Island.

But in the reunion show, she admitted her feelings had changed once she'd been dumped from the villa, and was able to watch the show back.

Speaking about the fact Jordan Odofin chose Ellie Spence over her in the recoupling, meaning she had to leave the villa, Tanyel said: "I just feel like there were a few people in Jordan's ear and I feel like they influenced him and encouraged him to make the decision he made.

"Olivia, Shaq and Tanya – however I feel like on Tanya's behalf she didn't do it to be bad mind, I think she just spoke on what she thought at the time.

"I just feel like I wish things were addressed to me. I feel like it could have been dealt with so much better."

Tanyel had already made it known her feelings towards Olivia had changed once she'd left the show.

Explaining how she felt about Kai Fagan recoupling with Olivia over her, she told Maya on Aftersun: “I wasn't going to be selfish, I just thought I'd rather you be happy. She was a good friend to me at the time, so I thought, do your thing.”

Maya questioned her on her use of the phrase "at the time," and Tanyel replied: “We don't know yet. I need to see it for myself, but I've heard a few things.”

'Punched by co-star's pal'

Last year, Remi Lambert came out of the villa, claiming his co-stars Jacques O'Neill and Luca Bish were "bullying" him both inside and outside the villa – where they teased him over his rapping.

He also slammed Jacques for making his time in the villa "s**t".

And now, he's claimed he was PUNCHED by Jacques' pal "out of nowhere" on a night out, accusing Jacques of setting it up.

Remi says he was walking home from a Manchester club when Jacques started an argument.

Posting on his Instagram Story, the model said: "[I] wasn't going to bring this up but this has gone too far now.

"Last night I was assaulted by one of Jacques' friends.

"Jacques and him followed me on my walk back home from the club and stopped me.

"Then Jacques began to start an argument about the Love Island beef that was a year ago.

"Clearly can't move on.

"Out of nowhere his friend punched me.

"I think it was a setup to get me to react but I'm too mature for this bs."

Remi then asked if anyone saw the alleged assault to message him.

Jacques currently hasn't responded to the claims. His representatives have been contacted.

Remi has also been contacted.

'Bullying' storm

A row between 2019 stars Lucie Donlan and Yewande Biala blew up after Instagram posts were unearthed in which Lucie accused Yewande of bullying her.

Screenshots were shared on Reddit in which a fan asked Lucie: "How do you feel about Yewande saying you're a horrible person?"

Lucie replied: "She's always bullied me. I'm not bothered about her opinion… makes her look bad. Not sure where she said that though!"

After the exchange came to light, Yewande furiously clapped back at Lucie on Twitter.

"You refused to call me by my name because it was too 'hard to pronounce' now you wanna say I bullied you!!" Yewande wrote.

And 2019 series winner Amber Gill also jumped into the fray by publicly sticking up for Yewande.

"Na when she said can I call you 'Y' I said lol no you can’t, can I just call you 'her', you were peaceful in that exchange. It was me with the vim," Amber wrote.

Cheating row

Georgia Steel made it very clear that she valued loyalty, even using the word "loyal" 11 times in a single episode.

Which is why it came as a bit of a shock to fans of the show when her partner Sam Bird accused her of cheating after the end of the 2018 series where they met.

Sam claimed to have found X-rated messages sent to Georgia's ex-boyfriend, as well as a snap of them in bed together.

"Sam thinks I cheated because he went through my phone, read and took screen shots of banter I had between me and my best mate,” Georgia told her followers after the row.

"Telling your ex you want their d*** isn’t banter," Sam told The Sun.

He added: "I was so shocked she would do that to me. She’s been living a double life. I’ve never been cheated on before."

At the time, a spokesperson for Georgia said she had spent the night at her ex's, but she strongly denied cheating on Sam.

Holiday heartbreak

Georgia and Sam weren't the only couple to split over salacious sex claims.

Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville had an even more explosive relationship meltdown in 2018.

The couple, who got together in the 2017 villa, hit the skids when it emerged Marcel had cheated – while on holiday with Gabby.

It only came out a couple of months after they returned, with Gabby saying she "felt sick" she'd had sex with Marcel just hours after he'd romped with another woman.

"I hope he had a shower in between," Gabby told new! magazine.

The plot thickened when Marcel accused Gabby of cheating with Towie star Dan Osborne, but she denied the claims.

Marcel even managed to cause uproar again when, on a reunion show, he described the demise of his relationship with Gabby as them "drifting apart" instead of adultery.

Gabby later found herself in hot water by having to defend her decision to jet off to Dubai with new fella Brandon Myers during the pandemic.

Towie tiff

Sometimes Islanders' rows even end up spilling into other reality shows.

That's what happened with series three's Chloe Crowhurst and her Towie ex Jon Clark.

Jon said Chloe hadn't dumped him before signing up to enter the villa, and described his shock after hearing she was in the line-up.

He also labelled her “fame hungry” and an “evil b****” – but Chloe hit back, saying they'd broken up long before she was cast on the show.

Incredibly, their bitter split didn't stop them getting back together when Chloe's time in the villa was over.

Their reconciliation came just five days after Jon dumped Towie co-star Lauren Pope for "not being good enough" for him.

But once again their relationship ran aground and the pair split for good in 2019.

Nightclub scrap

One Love Island fallout was even said to have led to a physical fight in 2017.

Shocking pictures showed islander Rykard Jenkins bloodied while being kicked and punched during a vicious assault.

Rykard, who joined the villa in 2016, shockingly accused Kem Cetinay, who was on Love Island a year later, for the attack.

The violence broke out in 2017 at Kem's fashion launch party in a nightclub.

Pictures of the assault show Kem wasn't involved in the scrap, but Rykard used Twitter to accuse him and his mates of being behind the beating.

Kem's then-girlfriend Amber Davies could also be seen standing very close to the attack but she too wasn't involved.

"Just got off the phone to [Rykard]," Kem tweeted the next day. "We are friends just like we was before, what happened is disgusting. I was not involved myself.

"But I will make sure it's dealt with as it's not acceptable and I won't let things like that happen and ruin both me and Rykard's night."

Fiery exit

Sometimes, spats outside the villa are more about throwing shade than throwing punches.

Series 3 contestant Tyne-Lexy Clarson wasted no time ripping into some of her fellow castmates after she left the show.

She blasted fellow islander Jessica Shears as "not a nice person" after being dumped from the villa.

"I was the victim of it unfortunately in the villa," she said of Jessica.

“It was like typical b****iness between girls.

“But obviously I’m not like that at all, I’m used to having girly-girls around me that support each other."

Like Lucie, Tyne-Lexy also made allegations of bullying against Jessica as well as Olivia Attwood.

"When we were in the villa, Jess and Olivia were really horrible to me to the point where the executive producers were sent in to say to them stop bullying me basically because that’s what they were doing," Tyne-Lexy told OK.

"And several times I’d complained and said I wanna leave because I’m not here to be victimised."

After reading the accusation, Olivia's then-partner Chris Hughes asked Tyne-Lexy if she was "bantering" on Twitter, adding: "Stop accusing my girl of anything to stay relevant, grow up some years!"

Twitter tangle

Another unpleasant feud played out on Twitter when Olivia Buckland and partner Alex Bowen called a fellow islander "irrelevant".

Olivia and Alex, who married after hooking up on Love Island in 2016, featured in a teaser clip for a subsequent series in which they discussed who they'd kept in touch with from the show.

"I can't remember her name, she went out with Terry the first time…" Olivia says in the clip, referring to Malin Andersson.

"Oh that one, she's completely irrelevant to everyone's lives so I dunno who it is. Does it begin with M? Mary? Mary that was it," Alex replies.

The insult didn't go unnoticed by Malin, who tweeted: "If I'm that irrelevant why the hell am I on your mind… f***ing bullies."

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Olivia said the mean comment was "a joke" made in a "fun silly interview".

But that didn't stop Malin liking a fan's tweet referring to when Alex slept with Zara Holland in the Love Island villa.

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