Love Island viewers question purpose of Amber Gill’s ‘pointless’ date outfit

Love Island 2019 viewers were super excited to see new couple Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea head off on their date during Thursday’s episode.

But there was some confusion when stunning Amber stepped out in her date attire, while Greg left the villa in a shirt and shorts combination.

Amber, meanwhile, wore a neon green bikini with a pair of wedges, but that wasn’t all.

She completed the look with a fishnet sarong over her bikini bottoms, except it was barely visible.

Viewers questioned what the “purpose” of the clothing item was as it didn’t cover her bikini, as others questioned her date outfit in general.

One viewer tweeted: “Trying to figure out why Amber is wearing that net thing? It doesn't cover anything and literally doesn't have a purpose – is this a fashion thing I'm clueless?”

Another said: “Why is Greg wearing clothes on the date and Amber is not?”

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A third asked: “What is the point in Amber wearing the sarong?”

Others joked there was more behind the decision though, with one viewer saying: “Amber's wearing something you actually catch fish in!”

Another commented: “I love that Amber is wearing a net for a boat date. She is stunning and practical.”

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