Love Island’s Casa Amor hunks include a pro footballer and a bathroom salesman

Casa Amor has finally arrived – and we can finally reveal this year's line-up of hunks hoping to tempt the Love Island girls away from their partners.

As ever, fans can expect tears, tantrums and tempted glances as the girls and guys are split from each other and seduced by five new faces.

From a pro basketball player and footballer to a bathroom salesman, there a lot of choice on offer for the girls.

But who will be loyal? And will some be confronted by the truth of their other half's infidelity with that notorious postcard?

Here are all the guys heading into Casa Amor…

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Stevie Bradley

Age: 21

From: Isle of Man

Occupation: Student

Best and worst traits: "I’m charming, friendly and laid back. In terms of bad traits, I’m very disorganised, I’ve got no filter and I’m an overthinker."

Eye on anyone in the villa? " Lucie seems really sweet and down to earth. Arabella is beautiful, I couldn’t believe my eyes when she walked through the villa. Maura is also stunning. But Lucie would be my number one."

Marvin Brooks

Age: 29

From: Bournemouth

Occupation: Personal trainer and ex Royal Navy officer

Best and worst traits: " I am very ambitious, I look after myself and I’m always very honest, even if that might be controversial. I speak my mind, but that can upset people sometimes. I am very quick to judge, and sometimes do that too quickly. I’m not very empathetic either."

Eye on anyone in the villa? " It’s changed a few times because of how people have reacted to things. My type I’ve always said is brunette. Anna has definitely caught my eye but then recently Lucie has as I feel like she’s very similar to me in the sense that if she doesn’t want to hang around with a group she won’t force herself to do, which I’ve admired. I have also only seen a brief bit of Arabella but definitely her!"

Dennon Lewis

Age: 22

From: Watford

Occupation: Professional footballer

Best and worst traits: "I’m quite pointed and I’ve got decent banter. I do have a short temper at times, I’m not great in the mornings, and I get annoyed with people that have bad hygiene."

Eye on anyone in the villa? "I have my eye on quite a few of them – Lucie’s very nice. I do like how Maura is turning out to be. She’s really feisty and could be a handful."

George Rains

Age: 22

From: Essex

Occupation: Builder

Best and worst traits: " My three best are that I’ve got a positive energy and mindset, I’m outgoing and I’m a good laugh. A bad trait is I’m really moody when I’m hungry…"

Eye on anyone in the villa? "Amber and Anna – Amber is my type, they are the sort of girls I’d go for looks-wise and Anna is really pretty and she’s got a nice body."

Dan Rose

Age: 21

From: Nuneaton

Occupation: Bathroom salesman

Best and worst traits: "Good traits are that I’m funny, I’m chatty and talkative. I’m confident, possibly too confident at times… so that could be a good or a bad thing. Bad traits are that I always think I’m right, I’m never wrong. I like to get my own way and I don’t like to be proven wrong."

Eye on anyone in the villa? "I do fancy Amber but I know she seems loved up with Michael. I’ll test the water with it though. Then I’ll probably go for Lucie and Maura."

Ovie Soko

Age: 28

From: London

Occupation: Pro basketball player

Best and worst traits: "I adapt very well to everything – I left home at 16 to chase my dreams as a basketball player and since then have lived in six different countries and come across different people and cultures. Also, I’m laidback and I don’t take myself too seriously. My less attractive traits are that I like things the way I like them, I’m opinionated – if I have an opinion I’ll say my piece. I’m a straight shooter who is honest and have been told sometimes that I can be too honest. Plus I’m a competitor, it comes with my job, it’s built into my DNA."

Eye on anyone in the villa? "They are all gorgeous girls but Anna, I’ve been watching her from the beginning and she has consistently has been on my radar."

*Love Island airs tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2

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