Love Island’s Marvin calls out Maura’s ‘bulls***’ after being savagely dumped

Maura Higgins and Lucie Donlan's awkward plan to dump their men ends badly in tonight's Love Island .

The Irish grid girl has her eyes firmly on Curtis Pritchard, which is bad news for new lad Marvin Brooks.

While Lucie has also come to the conclusion that George Rains is no the right guy for her.

The girls decided it's time to finally confront the boys about their feelings – but are too scared to do it alone.

Joining forces at the fire pit, Lucie tells the lads: “Me and Maura feel the same, we’re just not really feeling it.”

Maura tells Marvin that she doesn't feel a romantic connection between them and their conversations haven’t been organic.

But Marvin doesn't take the criticism lying down and hits back at Maura.

In disagreement, he says: “I hear you but that is bulls**t. I’ve tried to overlook how you [Maura] have been cold.”

Not willing to accept the claim, baffled Maura asks: “So, I’ve been cold?”

Marvin explains: “I came into this with you 50/50. I don’t owe you anything.”

Irritated Maura replies: “I never said you did! Don’t put words in my mouth Marvin!”

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It appears that things are definitely over between Marvin and Maura.

While Lucie and George have also seemingly come to the end of the road.

But Maura isn't wallowing as she cracks on with Curtis the next evening.

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