Love Island’s Shannon Singh says she’s proud of her stripper dad Narinder for putting food on the table for the family

LOVE Island star Shannon Singh has revealed she's proud of her dad for "putting food on the table" by performing as a stripper.

The former glamour model, who became the first person to be dumped from the villa this week, said she "really rated" her dad's dedication to providing for the family.

Shannon, 22, from Fife, detailed that while his stripping career was just a "small fraction of his past", it was an important job for the family.

"Like me, it's a small fraction of his past," the reality star explained. "He put food on the table for me, and for my mum and my brother."

Detailing it was "15 or 16 years ago", Shannon added that while she "really rated him" for doing it, "those days are long gone" for her father Narinder.

"We joke and laugh about it, because me and Brandon, my brother, were so young it didn't really come out until we were older," she aded.

"It was so long ago, it was in the days before everyone was on their phones videoing everything. You're talking like 15 or 16 years ago."

Shannon previously revealed how she's proud to have grown up in a non-traditional household with an English mum and a father of Indian heritage.

The Love Island contestant revealed her dad Narinder joined a stripping agency when she was a young girl and ended up touring the country to make money.

She told The Mirror: "When people hear the name Singh, people automatically assume that I’m from a traditional Indian household, but it’s like polar opposites.

"Bless my dad – it was a long, long time ago he was a stripper, but it shows you I haven’t been brought up in a ­traditional household and I’m proud to say I haven’t.

"Dad did it on his own, he just went out on his own. His friend had an agency so he worked with him.

"Being an Asian family, I think it is something to be proud of."

Shannon confessed all about her dad's stripper past during a racy interview earlier this year.

The model, who previously earned from Only Fans, said it was "absolute jokes" and "loves" the idea that her dad used to get his kit off for shows.

She explained: "When me and my brother were younger he used to have a silver Honda Civic, he had ‘Sweet Cheeks’ and pink writing with kisses all over the car to advertise his stripping.

"We were probably ten-years-old when we clocked on that something was different.

"When we got to secondary school people were like, ‘Your dad did my mum’s hen do.’ I was like, ‘Great’.

"My dad loved it. When we were younger we tossed it to the side, at high school it was mortifying now I love it and I think it’s jokes."

In an exclusive tell-all chat with The Sun, Shannon also revealed how she forgot to take off her mic to go to the toilet in a first-night blunder.

Shannon, who paired with Aaron Francis, 24 on the dating show — was booted out after 48 hours, but still had time to make some TV mistakes.

The Scottish star revealed she had "gone to the toilet" wearing her mic as she "forgot" to take it off before going about her business.

She exclusively told The Sun: "You know what, the funny thing was on the first night I made the mistake of [leaving my mic on].

"I looked at everyone else and they were like, 'Oh my god Shannon, we've taken our mics off', so I just took it out from then on."

It comes after Shannon revealed producers failed to show her sauciest scenes — including her skirt being ripped open while twerking.

The star also said she refused to live up to the sexy stereotype painted of her before the show started. 

She had previously told of enjoying nookie up to eight times a day. But, in the villa, she shunned a kiss from Toby Aromolaran, 22, and failed to ramp it up with Aaron.

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