MAFS UK fans devastated as Thomas and Adrian split in emotional scenes

Married At First Sight UK fans have been left in bits after Thomas Hartley and Adrian Sanderson called it quits before their final vows.

Tuesday night's episode saw the couples have their final dinner party of the series but after watching the other happy couples, Thomas made an emotional announcement.

He said to camera: "Looking around the table I'm seeing how happy everyone is and I just don't feel like that. I need to talk to Adrian."

He then asked to speak to his husband outside, and the pair emotionally agreed to part ways.

Thomas told his partner: "I just wanted someone to love me, and I wanted someone to be with me forever."

Referring the couple's lack of intimacy, Thomas added: "I adore you no matter what, you've got everything I'd ever want in a man, just not that one thing that I need."

Adrian explained that he wasn't ready to be intimate with Thomas yet. He added: "Whenever you felt vulnerable, I needed you to know someone was there. I wanted you to know that someone would stick through."

The exchange left both stars in tears – as well as many viewers at home.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer said: "Is there any point to MAFS without Adrian & Thomas? #No."

A second wrote: "Devastated for Adrian and Thomas. So sad to see them go like this. #MAFSUK."

"Nearly cried at Thomas and Adrian splitting up, they are so sweet. #MAFSUK." another added.

While Thomas and Adrian shared an emotional moment, things at the dinner party ended up getting pretty tense with expert Paul C Brunson admitting it felt like the couples were getting ready for "war".

The usually calm Adrian ended up arguing with Matt Murray and Whitney Hughes.

Confronting Matt for calling him and Adrian the fakest couple, Adrian said: "You opinion means nothing to me!"

Matt replied: "Who the f**k do you think you are? You're a f**king joke!'

After Whitney supported Matt in the argument, Adrian then said: "My relationship has been on the table for everyone to see. If I was faking a relationship, it would have been a good one!"

Turning to Whitney, he added: "Do you know what, I've respected you so much throughout this whole thing and you've showed me none, so actually you're done – f**k off Whitney!"

After Adrian stormed out of the dinner party, many fans were impressed with him sticking up for himself.

One person tweeted: "Adrian is the boss of series 2022!"

A second wrote: "Respect to Adrian!"

And another said: "Not Adrian finally giving it both barrels in his last two minutes on the show."

Tonight's episode will see the final vows take place, as the couples face the decision of whether to carry on with their relationships in the outside world.


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