Married At First Sight UK: Which couples are still together?

Married At First Sight UK concluded tonight with all the 16 participants returning for one final review of their experience since marrying a stranger.

Besides witnessing Nikita’s explosive return to the E4 series, viewers also got to find out which of the remaining couples are still together after making their vows in last week’s episode.

Each of the eight pairs reunited on the sofa and came face-to-face with experts Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson, and Charlene Douglas for a catch-up on their relationship developments.

So, which couples are still together?

Amy and Josh

Amy and Josh are no longer together. According to Amy, they didn’t see each other for 10 days after the experiment which caused their relationship to break down.

‘There was just a lack of effort,’ Amy told the group. ‘I just want someone who knows my worth, do you know what I mean?’

Stating why he chose to end things, Josh said: ‘There were plenty of moments you’d flip for no reason.’

In the end, Amy admitted that she did actually love Josh but felt unable to tell him. They’ve since gone their separate ways.

Morag and Luke

Morag and Luke are not together anymore. Morag cited that Luke didn’t contact her after the experiment, with the firefighter going on to say that he felt ‘used’ by his bride.

‘I think I was played the whole time,’ he admitted. ‘I wasn’t the guy you wanted and it was just a game for you, the whole thing.’

Furious by his comments, Morag fired back: ‘Oh my God, you think I would have been through all of that? I was honest with you from start to finish.’

Morag added that she is now looking for someone who is ‘right’ for her.

Tayah and Adam

Tayah and Adam did manage to find love in the experiment and are very much still together.

‘It honestly feels like we’ve been together for years and years and years,’ Adam said at the reunion.

‘I’ve been the luckiest person ever,’ Tayah added.

Will these two get married for real? Only time will tell…

Marilyse and Franky

Marilyse and Franky are still together, with Franky describing their relationship as ‘strong’.

He has also upped and moved from Dubai to live in the UK to be with his bride.

‘I feel really different,’ he said of their romance. ‘The nice feeling of meeting someone amazing pushes all that ego to one side.’

Marilyse said she has introduced Franky to her two sons, friends, and family members.

‘I totally appreciate how much effort and for easy he’s made it for me, for him to come here,’ she added.

Dan and Matt

Dan and Matt are very much still together, with the couple having declared their love for each other.

‘We actually haven’t set a date on when to settle down, I think that creates an excitement in the relationship,’ Dan said.

‘We’re going to take our time with it,’ Matt added when asked about having children.

‘Our emotions and feelings are just getting deeper.’

Married At First Sight UK is available to stream on A4.

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