Michael Cimino Is Totally Down to Play Victor From 'Love, Victor' Again If Given the Chance

Make sure you have your tickets ready, because it’s time to ride the ferris wheel one last time. As fans get ready to say goodbye to Love, Victor, it’s prime time to recognize the impact the series has had in the last three years. And while it’s technically only been one year for our favorite group at Creekwood, a lot has still changed, especially for Victor himself aka Michael Cimino. It’s never easy to say goodbye, but as Michael points out in his exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan, it might not be over just yet…

Read on to find out what Michael Cimino thinks about the show’s end, Love, Victor‘s big return to Disney+, and whether he’d ever return to play Victor again.

Cosmo: It’s still rare for a show to go out on its own terms. What was it like getting a chance to give Love, Victor a proper ending?

I love that about this ending. We all got to just embrace the ending and know that we could be really, really sad because it was the end. It’s like one of my favorite songs by Bruno Major called “To Let a Good Thing Die,” and I think it is time. Not that Love, Victor‘s dying, but it’s a good thing to let it go. It’s so beautiful, especially because this show wasn’t about a cash grab. That was supposed to inspire people. We told the story of Victor, and it’s done now so we don’t need to be telling the story anymore.

One thing that surprised me while watching the finale is that the series took place over a year. But you’ve been working on this project for three years. How is it looking back at everything that has changed since then for both you and Victor?

As much as Victor grew, I grew as well. Obviously in real life, it was the course of three years. But in the show’s time, it was a year and so much has happened in that year. Victor’s life is so different because of it. There’s just something so beautiful about embracing the new world that Victor’s living in.

Life has just been so crazy recently, to be honest. There have been so many changes, but this show was always a very constant thing in my life and now it’s done. I feel like a lot of people can relate to that, where you kind of come to know and love something and then this chapter is done. Now it’s about getting ready for the scary part of life which is just moving on and seeing what’s next.

The finale also features a full-circle moment as it all leads up to the ferris wheel moment. Was that the ending you were hoping for?

I think the way that they did was super nice because it wrapped up all the storylines very well. It felt very sweet and beautiful. But in my mind, since season 1, I would always imagine Love, Victor ending with us graduating and where we kind of had some time skip by and it’s like we see them one last time before they go off to college. But I actually liked the way that they wrapped it up a bit more.

It’s safe to say that this show has changed your life, especially as your first starring role. How much would you say you changed from this experience?

This show has taught me so many freaking lessons. It’s just kind of crazy to think about how much my life has changed since this show started. When I first started Love, Victor, I had no idea how to navigate this new world of being in the film industry. And I was also learning how to embrace who I was as a person and how to be brave. Now, I feel like I am brave and I feel like I do know how to navigate a lot more situations, not just in this industry, but also just in life. Victor’s last speech about being brave actually made a huge impact on me. Being brave isn’t always about being the warrior, but it’s sometimes it’s just being able to just accept who you are. That definitely resonated with me.

When Love, Victor first premiered, it was announced the show would move from Disney+ to Hulu. Now the final season premiere will also bring the series back on Disney+. How is it seeing that change happen?

I think that it is beautiful and interesting that it’s when it’s ending, and now we have a whole new audience. I’m very curious to see how it’s received and what kind of happens from there. I think the most important thing, more than anything else, is just that more people get to see this story. This story really means so much to me and hopefully, it changes more people’s lives.

Nick Robinson came back to reprise his role from Love, Simon and there are hints about the future of Creekwood in the finale. Would you ever come back to play Victor if given the chance?

Yeah, I would freaking love that! It’d be really cool to, maybe one day, touch base on what Victor’s new life is like. Who knows what’s going to happen, but I would definitely be willing to play Victor a few more times or one more time, however many times they want me to.

What is your hope for Love, Victor‘s legacy?

I think that we will see the effects of this show for a very long time, even more so than we realize. We might see ripples of it for years and years to come. Realistically, who knows what’s going to happen? But it definitely had a long-lasting effect on me, and I will never forget the experiences I’ve shared on this show. I hope that it has that effect on the audience as well.

For so many actors, getting to star in their own show is a major bucket list item. Now that you’ve completed that, what is the next big thing you want to do?

I think I want to do some movies and explore more the music side of things as well. I really am passionate about music and over these past couple of years, I’ve really started to find my voice and sound. So I think that I’m really excited to just explore that and whatever’s next.

What do you want to say to the fans as they say goodbye to the series?

Thank you guys so much for supporting me and supporting this show. The most important thing is I hope this show has changed your guys’ life as much as it changed mine. This was the experience of a freaking lifetime, and I’m just so grateful to have people so interested in it and that people love the show as much as I do.

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