Million Pound Pawn expert gobsmacked as guest left 'unable to drive' after learning value of family jewellery

A MILLION Pound Pawn expert was left gobsmacked after a guest was 'unable to drive' upon learning the value of some family jewellery.

Dan Hatfield delivers good and bad news to guests on the ITV show, and one particular moment stands out for him.

Speaking to, Dan said: "I once had a client who drove down to see me and thought her late grandmother's jewellery might be worth a few 100 quid.

“It was worth £50,000 and she was in that much shock she didn't feel that she could drive back home so we have to phone her husband up to pick her up." 

He continued: “People will often say to us, ‘If she was that shocked surely you could have made more money out of it?’

“But we're honest people, and our reputations proceed us."

Dan also spoke about a recent episode of the show, which saw a guest called Marlene get a shock when she found out the value of her designer handbags.

Marlene, 79, had hoped to make £6,000 from eight handbags but Dan had to deliver the news that they were actually only worth £1,065.

Recalling the episode, Dan said: "I think the great thing about the episode is that you get real highs and lows in terms of what the valuations are worth.

"[It's] a real eye-opener to people in the UK as to what they should and shouldn't put their money into and what they can and can't expect. Sometimes people will think their items are worth more than what they were.

“We've got quite a lot of handbags, where the client Marlene believes the handbags would be worth an absolute fortune. 

“But, it just goes to show is that handbags can be worth an absolute fortune if you invest in the right handbags and unfortunately, Marlene didn't always invest in the right handbags.”

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