Mirzapur season 4 release date: Has star confirmed Mirzapur series 4?

Mirzapur: Excel Movies release opening credits for series two

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Indian crime drama Mirzapur is one of Amazon Prime Video’s most popular shows. Season two was released in 2020 and brought in some colossal viewing figures, leading the third outing to be greenlit fairly swiftly following the overwhelming response.

Season three is now in the works and will pick up from the shocking cliffhanger fans were left on.

Many story strands were left open and demanded some sort of follow-up.

The biggest plot point was the kidnap of Kaleen Bhaiya (played by Pankaj Tripathi), who was abducted by Sharad Shukla (Anjum Sharma).

Sharad was originally going kill the Tripathis but Guddu Pandit (Ali Fazal) and Golu Gupta (Shweta Tripathi Sharma) got there first.

Sensing an opportunity at hand, Sharad abducted a dying Kaleen Bhaiya and took him away with him.

Some have speculated Sharad could become the king of Mirzapur.

Speaking about what fans could expect, actor Sharma teased: “Well, the way season two has ended I’m sure we’ll see more of Sharad and we’ll also see two very powerful characters on screen, together.”

He added: “I’m excited to showcase and explore more facets of my character in season four as well, so let’s see what season three brings in.”

Even though this isn’t a confirmation season four is going to happen, Sharma’s words hint the future is bright for Mirzapur.

Additionally, the writers of Mirzapur appear to have a roadmap for where they want to take the show and have a long game plan.

Amazon Prime will look at the viewing figures before making any decisions about renewing the show.

The streaming service only announced a recommission for season three after the second series debuted.

So, fans could be waiting some time for news of a season four – even more so, depending on when the third cycle is released.

There was a large gap of nearly two years between the first and second outings, and there could be possibly be a similar gap until the third season is out.

Perhaps the other factor is the coronavirus pandemic which could also have an impact on the pace of filming.

Should the pandemic end, season three could be out sooner rather than later but this could also go the other way depending on the rate of infection.

On whether Sharad could be a replacement for Munna Tripathi (Divyenndu) and become a surrogate son to Kaleen Bhaiya, the star was unsure.

He told DNA: “The equation between [Kaleen Bhayia) and Sharad think alike and come across as the perfect duo but, their equation could be complex as I don’t know what season three will unfold.

“Personally, I too am interested to learn what happens because Sharad is an ideal son material for Akhanda and vice versa.”

This dynamic could be at the heart of season three and impact who will rule the roost in Mirzapur.

For now, fans are going to be left speculating about where the story could go next.

Mirzapur seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Amazon Prime Video now

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