Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury finally buy dream home after terrifying burglary leaving her 'so excited she could cry'

MOLLY-Mae Hague has hinted that she's finally purchased her dream home after being forced to move out of her plush penthouse.

The Love Island star, 22, and her boxer boyfriend Tommy Fury have been left terrified after their Cheshire home was ransacked and almost emptied of £800,000 of belongings last month.

Molly-Mae, now creative director at fashion brand Pretty Little Thing, called the ordeal the hardest period of her life but suggested her 'bad luck' is changing as she teased some exciting news.

The reality star admitted she was going against her manager Fran's advice as she carefully opened up about a potential new house on her YouTube channel.

She confessed Fran told her not to 'tell anyone' about anything to do with the house but Molly was so excited, she couldn't help but make hints about it.

Speaking on her recent YouTube vlog, Molly-Mae said: "I’m just in my YouTube room, I was just sorting myself out for bed and I was thinking about all the things that I haven’t really properly informed you guys on because this vlog has been over the course of so many weeks.

"But I don’t know if this is going to be my YouTube room anymore because of that house viewing that I had – I honestly don’t want to say too much because I am so flipping scared of jinxing it."

After revealing that she was worried about 'jinxing' the impending news about the house, Molly-Mae explained she was so excited, she 'could literally cry.'

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She continued: "When I was speaking to Fran about this situation with this house I went to view the other day, she was like don’t tell anyone about anything to do with this house until we know more and we’ve made further progress.

"But put it this way, I don’t think I’ll bother making this into my YouTube room – because I am so so so so excited, I could literally cry."

Molly-Mae and Tommy's search for their dream home comes after their luxury three-bed flat was stripped of jewellery and designer clothes in a £800,000 hit.

Thieves targeted the property in Hale, Manchester, in October while the couple were away in London.

After their £1.3million penthouse was ransacked by burglars, the loved-up couple fled to safety and moved out.

Since the terrifying burglary, Molly-Mae has hired 24/7 security and vowed not to reveal so much of her new place in posts.

She told fans on her YouTube channel after the incident: "It was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me — it was just awful, horrendous."

At the beginning of her recent YouTube video, Molly-Mae announced that she's been on the hunt to buy their new home. 

However the former Love Island runner-up is terrified about people finding out where they live after the raid.

She's even frightened to wear jewellery and post snaps of the new place they're living in.

Speaking on the The Diary of a CEO podcast, Molly-Mae said: "I don't want to change the way I live. I love sharing everything, but if it's going to compromise my safety. I can't. It's not fair.

"I'm trying to work on this new balance of sharing, but not over sharing so that I make me and Tommy not safe any more.

"It's finding this new way of living, and having close protection security now, and moving and making sure not even my nail tech so much as comes to my house. Because I can't have anybody knowing where I live now – even Deliveroo, no, can't, it's just not possible, it's just not safe.

"It takes one wrong person to know where you live.”

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