Money Heist season 5: Arturo Roman shooting twist leaves fans in uproar ‘Not possible’

Money Heist: Rafael teaser released ahead of series five

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Netflix’s Spanish crime series La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist returned with its explosive new series which left fans in puddles of emotion. Many of whom were fuming after Arturo Roman (played by Enrique Arce) was brought back to life after being shot dead, which left them questioning if it was even possible.

Throughout the series, Arturo has remained one of the most hated characters in the heist.

From trying to outsmart the gang, to choosing to return to the Bank of Spain for the second robbery, even after he profited from being a victim in the first one.

Before Money Heist returned, fans were left wondering if they would finally see the demise of the character and in episode three, viewers tasted a slice of victory.

As he was shot dead by Stockholm (Esther Acebo) as a result of taunting her about their child.

However, in the shocking scene, she appeared to come back to her senses and revived him then sent him off in an ambulance.

This caused an uproar amongst fans who questioned the possibility of whether the same thing could happen in real life.

One took to Reddit to air their frustration and stated: “Stockholm clearly shot Arturo two times and one of them was in the chest.”

They continued: “He literally lost his pulse for a few seconds and they f*g revived him, is this possible in real life or did they just do it for the sake of the show?”

Since the beginning of the series, Arturo has been a shady character, before she joined the gang Stockholm was Monica and was a hostage who previously worked at the Bank of Spain.

Before the heist, they were secretly involved and she had become pregnant with his child, even though he was married with kids.

Arturo even raped Amanda (Olalla Hernández), a fellow hostage by giving her a sleeping pill after he convinced her that it would help her anxiety.

In season five, the gang were preparing for another war, when he convinced other hostages to join him on an escape.

When they agreed he took them and snuck to the vault where all the gangs’ weapons were stored, with everything from guns to grenades.

As the group attempted to regain control, Arturo loaded machine guns onto a forklift and began teasing Denver (Jaime Lorente) about Stockholm.

Denver and Stockholm were in a relationship and Arturo was saying the pair wouldn’t make it out alive to raise their son, Cincinnati.

Unbeknownst to him, Stockholm heard everything, filled with rage she descended from the ceiling behind a forklift and threatened to shoot him.

He began taunting her and told her if she shot him she would never see Cinnicinati again which triggered Stockholm and she shot him twice.

When it looked as though he was dead, she panicked and convinced the crew to bring him back to life.

Alongside Manila (Belén Cuesta) and Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) they were able to revive his heartbeat, put him on a surgical trolley and rolled him out the bank so he could get medical attention.

This led Stockholm to be overcome with guilt and in the last two episodes, she began having hallucinations, believing he was dead.

Money Heist season five part one is available to watch now, exclusively on Netflix. Season five part two will premiere on December 3.

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