NCIS LA’s Sam Hanna fears death of son Aiden

NCIS: LA teaser sees Aiden Hanna’s jet crash

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The Los Angeles agents faced some returning enemies in last weekend’s new episode of NCIS: LA, The Body Stitchers. After investigating a series of grisly murders, the next mission on CBS could hit much closer to home when Agent Sam Hanna (played by LL Cool J) discovers his son, Aiden (Tye White), was in a potentially fatal plane crash.

A devastating promo for the next episode of NCIS: LA has teased a hard-hitting revelation for Agent Hanna.

Having moved in with his father Raymond (Richard Gant) to help with his failing health last season, Sam will have to endure even more family trouble.

The short teaser trailer for episode four, Dead Stick, begins with a fighter jet crashing behind some palm trees.

A figure is seen parachuting away from the wreckage, but it may still be too late to rescue Aiden from the disaster.

The trailer cuts to Sam meeting with his fellow agent G Callen (Chris O’Donnell), clearly distraught by the shocking news.

“Aiden’s plane went down this morning,” he tells his teammate. “No word on his condition.”

Sam’s son is rendered at least unconscious as the trailer reveals a helmeted figure lying on the ground and not moving.

Plus, a grave look from Admiral Hollace Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) could be a sign the NCIS boss is about to deliver some devastating news to one of his top agents.

The promo concludes with Callen running from NCIS: LA headquarters and sending a staff member to call base security.

A synopsis for this episode has yet to be released, but CBS has confirmed episode four will focus heavily on Sam’s son.

Originally introduced in season six, Aiden has appeared in four episodes of the NCIS spin-off so far.

Arguably his most prominent episode occurred in season seven, which saw Aiden’s school taken over by extremists.

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Later, in season 11 episode Watch Over Me, Sam manages to catch some fleeting moments of downtime to hang out with his son.

He’s thrilled to learn Aiden secured a place in flight school, though one of his first missions as a fully licensed pilot may be about to go disastrously wrong.

When the teaser was posted on YouTube, NCIS fan Gabby Buckley pleaded: “Don’t let Aiden die, Sam’s already lost so much.”

NCIS rarely features deaths in the family, but the loss of Aiden would be a crushing blow for the long-serving agent.

With his father also needing special attention, Sam could even decide to take some time off to handle his personal affairs.

He has already been absent from one episode of the season so far, leading some fans to speculate the agent’s exit could be on the horizon.

Thankfully, so far, there has been no official word on LL Cool J’s departure from CBS, although fans will have to tune in this Sunday to find out if Sam’s son makes it out of the crash alive.

NCIS: Los Angeles season 14 continues Sundays on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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