Netflix Yous mistakes as fans rage over plot holes and debt of thousands

Hit Netflix series You returned for an explosive first part of its fourth series, as Joe moved to London and tried to start a new life after killing his wife Love and setting fire to his home.

But it didn't take long for him to embroiled in another murderous plot as he found a job as a professor at a university in London, with him for the first time not being the secret killer.

Joe is now working with serial killer Rhys, who was exposed as the Eat the Rich killer who murdered a number of Joe's love interest Kate's friends in gruesome fashion.

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But as Joe finds himself linked with the psychopaths, fans have found themselves distracted by some of the inaccuracies of the show after it moved to London.


One of the first thing viewers noticed as the show returned was the location of Joe's job and home as he claimed that he liked to walk his commute.

Fans were left baffled as the fictional Darcy College was filming at Royal Holloway University, in Egham Surrey, before being seen strolling through Shoreditch.

As he then finally returned home to his impressive new home in South Kensington, fans worked out his route home would take a whopping nine and a half hours.

Netflix responded to the fan backlash as it shared a video on its social media account with the caption: "pov: you're a Londoner confused by Joe's commute."

Expensive home

Joe seemed to land on his feet in his new life in London as he was sorted out with a glamorous flat in prestigious Kynance Mews in South Kensington.

The one-bedroom apartment, which is across the street from his love interest Kate, has been speculated to cost between £1-2million flat due to its desirable location.

While it was mentioned in the series that Joe had been given the flat as accommodation due to his job as a lecturer, fans were left baffled that he was allowed to stay in such an opulent flat.

One posted: "How does a murderer on the loose moving to London somehow end up in a beautiful flat which in this current climate definitely costs at least 3-4k a month lol."

Another added: "What university is letting professors live in a cosy South Kensington flat for free? I would like to apply to be a lecturer."

Prestigious job

Fans were also baffled about how Joe, who changed his name to Jonathan Moore and was gifted a new identity by one of Love's hired hitmen, managed to get his job.

Whilst he was given documents of his new identity, viewers pointed out to become a professor in a university, you would need to pass a series of background checks in order to be approved.

Whilst Joe may have been given a full faked background, viewers were suspicious about just how he managed to land his impressive new career without a PhD or any qualifications.

One wrote: "Like how can you just get a job in a university? No DBS check."

Another added: "A university really just be hiring anybody."

A third agreed: "You gets more fantastical…

"A deceased member of wealthy semi famous US family manages to become a lecturer at Royal Holloway University with some fake ID and a beard?

"Uses a unique car in CCTV land London undetected…

"Improvement on a cap as a disguise I guess."

Pricey lifestyle

Joe may have landed on his feet with his new job, but fans are still struggling to understand how he can afford his lifestyle in London.

According to local salaries, an English Literature lecturer at a prestigious university like Darcy College can expect to make £45,923 a year – or £2,740 a month, after basic tax and average pension deductions are accounted for.

King Casino Bonus worked out that if Joe were paying rent, he would be putting himself in debt of at least £300 a month without taking into account his day to day spending.

Joe would be expected to pay a pricey sum of £2,240 for his rent, along with £161 in council tax, £264 in utility bills and just under £300 for groceries.

It was also mentioned at the start of the series that while Joe emptied his wife Love's back account before fleeing the country, he had to return the money to Elliot in order to get his new identity.


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