Nick takes shocking action at his and David's trial in Corrie

Coronation Street has confirmed that Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) will commit the ultimate betrayal against his brother David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) when the pair stand trial and face prison next week. As their relationship continues to hit rock bottom this week, the pair are playing dirty to ensure tat the other one comes off worse when they take the stand.

With both of them facing prison for a crime committed almost exclusively by Nick, the tension threatens to rip apart the family this week with Gail (Helen Worth) losing her temper with her sons after the strain causes Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) to suffer an angina attack.

Attempts to reconcile their relationship don’t go down well as a meeting between the family descends into more chaos – and there will be even worse bad feeling by the end of next week when Nick stands up and tells the judge that the whole crime was materminded by David.

As the judgement is delivered, which of the two brothers will be going down? Will David end up in a cell thanks to the lies and betrayal of his brother?

ITV has released brand new pictures of the boys in court as their trial takes place and the verdict is delivered and David is visibly shocked by how low Nick has stooped.

The captions read: ‘An optimistic David tells Shona that Nick has agreed to tell the truth in court. But when the brother’s appear on the stand, Nick goes back on his word and blames his brain injury for his actions. He even accuses David of being the mastermind behind the theft! What will the Judge’s decision be?’

David had hoped that things had been restored between them as Nick was going to come clean. But has he been lying to David about his intentions – or does someting change his mind?

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