'Nine Perfect Strangers': Keith Urban Is a Fan of Masha

It’s no secret that Nicole Kidman throws herself into every role she takes on. Her Nine Perfect Strangers character Masha was no exception. Kidman took the job of getting into character very seriously. She constantly practiced Masha’s Russian accent and even refused to respond to her name while filming the series. Kidman admits that she took the character home with her to continue practicing the accent. Luckily, her husband, Kieth Urban, didn’t mind. In fact, Urban is actually a big fan of Masha.

How long have Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban been together?

In 2001, Kidman split with her first husband, Tom Cruise, who she married at just 23 years old. According to Insider, Kidman and Urban met in 2005 at the G’Day USA gala. Several months later, Urban gave Kidman a call, and the pair started dating.

The couple married a year later, in June 2006. Kidman and Urban welcomed two daughters into the world named Sunday Rose and Faith. Kidman also has two adoptive children from her previous marriage with Cruise. In 2021, the pair celebrated 15 years of marriage. They are known as one of Hollywood’s most lasting couples.

Keith Urban enjoyed Kidman’s character, Masha

In an interview with The Project TV, Kidman admits that she stayed in character for the majority of the time she was filming Nine Perfect Strangers. “My kids would hear me talking in the accent all the time to the point where they didn’t even notice it,” she told the outlet. Kidman also stated that her co-stars didn’t even hear her real accent until filming for the series was over.

Considering Kidman was so immersed in her role, it’s a good thing her husband was a fan of her character, Masha. “Keith was really into Masha, so that was good,” she told The Project TV. Kidman wasn’t entirely sure what aspects of Masha were so appealing to Urban but guessed that it was her character’s calming and serene nature. “I think he just sort of liked the vibe,” Kidman laughed to the outlet.

What’s next for Nicole Kidman?

Although filming for season 1 of Nine Perfect Strangers has wrapped, Kidman has plenty of upcoming projects to keep her busy. The Australian-American actor founded her own production company, Blossom Films, in 2010. Now she is rumored to have several new shows in the works.

Kidman will produce and star in the Amazon TV series Pretty Little Things. The show will be an adaptation of a novel of the same name by Janelle Brown. According to Deadline, the story follows two very different women who become unlikely friends as they struggle with their demons. Nina is a young con artist desperate to get her hands on enough money to help her sick mother. Vanessa is a privileged young influencer whose life isn’t as perfect as it seems.

Kidman will also star in a female-led anthology titled Roar. The series is adapted from a book of short stories by Cecelia Ahern, and each episode will feature stories from a different woman’s point of view, Good Housekeeping reports. The series is anticipated to launch to Apple + TV in late 2021/early 2022.

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