One Day at a Time producer shares Enlisted streaming episode guide

It’s been five years, but fans of Enlisted still haven’t forgotten about how the beloved series was done wrong.

The 2014 Fox comedy centered around three brothers in the military stationed at Fort McGee in the Rear Detachment Unit, a.k.a. taking care of what needs to be done on the base and caring for the families of deployed soldiers instead of going into action themselves. Starring The Finder‘s Geoff Stults as a superstar soldier who suddenly finds his career trajectory halted and forced to work alongside the military rejects, a.k.a. his own brothers played by Veronica Mars and GLOW‘s Chris Lowell and Suburgatory‘s Parker Young. Created by Kevin Biegel, the series dealt with military issues like PTSD and grief with extreme care. The trio of brothers had one of the most relatable and realistic portrayals of sibling dynamics on TV ever. It was critically loved, and yet it was canceled after only one season.

That’s not uncommon for new comedies, but what really sealed Enlisted’s fate was that the network aired the season out of order, confusing viewers when serialized aspects of the story (including a romantic subplot) didn’t make sense. This was an attempt to air what Fox execs considered to be the better episodes first to increase viewership, but all it did was end up driving viewers away. Mistakes were made!

But now, five years later, that wrong is finally getting made right. Enlisted executive producer Mike Royce, now a producer on the equally beloved One Day at a Time, revealed on Twitter that Enlisted‘s full season is now available to stream on Sony Crackle for free.

And here’s the best part: you can now watch all 13 episodes in the correct order that the creators intended. Royce followed up with another tweet revealing the right way to watch the season. So whether you want to rewatch the series the correct way after all these years or if you never watched it the first time around and want to enrich your life with one of the sweetest and most genuine comedies about family ever, the accurate episode order is:

1. “Pilot”

2. “Parade Duty”

3. “Pete’s Airstream”

4. “Randy Get Your Gun”

5. “Rear D Day”

6. “Brothers and Sister”

7. “Prank War”

8. “Vets”

9. “The General Inspection”

10. “Homecoming”

11. “Paint Cart 5000 vs. The Mondo Spider”

12. “Army Men”

13. “Alive Day”

We may not have gotten a second season despite the creator’s passionate plea (and the tiny sliver of hope that Yahoo Screen would breathe new life into the show after its cancellation) but this is the next best thing. And who knows: maybe this is the spark needed to reignite attempts at an Enlisted revival. Crazier things have happened!

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