Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen hits out after fans accuse her of ‘selling out’

Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen faced some heat on social media this weekend after sharing a sponsored advert.

The stunning shepherdess snapped back at her critics and shared a second post to her Instagram page that showed how the products benefit her and her family.

The since-deleted adverts Channel 5 star Amanda shared were to promote dog food company Crave and she clearly stated it was an advert inline with Instagram's commerciality rules.

Amanda had posted a photo of herself with son Miles and their family sheepdog Midge as she shared the protein strips and chunks that Midge is a fan of.

Instagram users came out in force to share their comments on the innocent photo.

One social networker said: "Nooo don’t sell out to these companies keep it real!"

Another Instagram user added: "Sad to see that you have started to endorse products Amanda.

"Part of the appeal of your program has been your isolation from the commercial rat-race.

"Please don’t let them spoil you and your beautiful family."

However, Amanda was quick to defend her post, as she shared some more aspects of her life to her followers.

Opening up, she shared what a struggle it can be sometimes to pay for university fees for such a large family.

She shared: "I know a lot of people will think 'Well, not a lot has changed with your life as a shepherd' and while it may seem like in the countryside, the pandemic is so very far away but that's actually not the case."

Amanda continued: "In the first instance, we have diversified as a farm and we are very reliant on tourists.

""In the first instance, we have diversified as a farm and we are very reliant on tourists.

"You worry about where all this is going.

"Having nine kids at home is not continuative with good sleep patterns, I can tell you."

She then decided to make her stance on sponsored posts and social media adverts clear.

Amanda explained: "Right well it’s time to set the record straight.

"I encourage the children to follow whatever paths they choose in life, to be ambitious & that they should themselves strive to achieve their own personal goals.

"Raven is studying at Biomedical science at university, she works part time in supermarket and does voluntary work in the hospital. She does the advertising work, she gets paid.

"Education and indeed life doesn’t come cheap and therefore if a paid advertising opportunity arises and the product is genuinely good then why should you not."

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