Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen rocked by HUGE change to family home set to cost her dearly

OUR Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen is rocked by a HUGE change tofamily home which is set to cost her dearly.

The Channel 5 stars will be leaving their much-loved home at Ravenseat Farm after revealing earlier in the series that they had purchased a new farmhouse.

The shepherdess, 46, opened up about the difficulties of moving to the new property, admitting it needs more work than expected.

Amanda along with her husband Clive and nine children have relocated to Anty Johns, in Upper Swaledale.

The family plan to restore the abandoned cottage which has been derelict for several years.

They updated their fans on the mammoth task and explained that they've already hit a stumbling block.

Unfortunately, their plans to renovate the building have been put on hold as they await planning permission from the local council.

During the latest episode, Amanda aired her concerns saying: "I was worried some more of the roof had come in."

Husband Clive said: “We hoped to have had the roof on by now, before winter.”

Amanda replied: "We’ll get there. We just have to be patient."

Clive also shared his concerns over the challenges the pair are facing to get the derelict cottage restored.

He said: "Even somewhere as wet as this you need water. This here, we need a drain or something here. It’s open purposely."

Pointing out a nearby stream of water, Amanda said: "That water comes from somewhere and like at Ravenseat we’ve got a mile of pipe that goes from the top tank to the feeder tank.

“We’ve got really good water pressure because it’s coming from such a height.”

Clive replied: “To tap into this water at this level is no good to us because you’d have to lift it up.”

Luckily, the couple's son found a water pipe that could provide a water supply to the abandoned cottage.

The dad-of-nine exclaimed: "That looks promising, you can see the water coming up out of the ground.

"So, that means it’s clean because it’s filtered naturally."

The farming family will continue to live at Ravenseat Farm, which has been their home for the past 20 years.

Although it's a huge challenge, the family decided that it was the right time to buy their own farmhouse after renting long-term.

In a recent episode, they discovered distinctive historic features etched into the walls of the the building.

Amanda shared a snap, writing: "I really like the 100-year-old weather report".

She took a pic of a red wall with the initials "JS", followed "1922, snowing!"

Our Yorkshire Farm airs Tuesday's at 9pm on Channel 5.


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