Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen shut down by teenage son after asking VERY personal question

OUR Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen was shut down by her teenage son after asking him a VERY personal question.

The 46-year-old was thrilled to find out what her son Reuben had achieved in his GCSE results.

The Channel 5 star was joined by her husband Clive Owen, 66, as her eldest son viewed his grades online.

On the latest episode, the family gathered on the picnic bench as they anxiously waited for Ruben to open his results, and to see how the cancellation of exams in lockdown had affected his grades.

Unfortunately for Amanda, her teenage son was less than impressed when she quizzed him on his marks.

Viewers saw Ruben arrive back to the farm from work, the narrator explained: “He has arrived home to discover how the cancellation of his GCSE exams have affected his results.”

Clive declared: “Mandy, come and hear the news.”

After Amanda emerged from the house, Reuben revealed that he had passed all of his classes with flying colours.

“You passed them all? Even music?” the shepherdess asked to which he stated he ha.

The father-of-nine enquired: “So, English and maths, the two important ones?”

The teen explained he had received a mark of six in maths, the equivalentgrade of a B in accordance with the old GCSE grading system.

Amanda then asked how his grades were compared to the highest that can be achieved and queried whether a six was good or not.

But the youngster hit back: "Anything four and above is a pass. I got nothing below a four so I passed it all.

“I got a five in English language, a six in design and technology.”

Baffled by how the new grading system, Amanda asked: “So, what’s the best score you can get?”

Reuben was not best pleased by his mum's remarks, replying: "Oh, don’t go into that."

The teenager joked: "“Nine, but we didn’t get any of them. If we turn [the six] upside down, it might look like a nine."

The shepherdess was delighted with her son's achievements despite the confusion over the marks.

Viewers have seen Reuben start a new apprenticeship during the latest instalment of the farming documentary.

Our Yorkshire Farm airs Tuesday at 9pm on Channel 5.

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