Paddy Smyth crowned winner of The Circle 2019 in shock result

Paddy Smyth has been crowned winner of The Circle 2019.

The winner will receive a huge £70,000, after the remaining contestants’ – Woody, Tim, Georgina, Sammie/James and Paddy – voted for who they wanted to see land the cash prize.

A public vote also decided who would win an additional £30,000, with Tim topping the vote and bagging the prize.

Speaking about winning the show, Paddy said: ‘I’m in complete shock. Honestly I never thought I’d make it past the first blocking.

‘To come in as a late player and come in with such insecurities about myself and to know that Circle accepted me and you guys accepted me, it’s just insane. I didn’t think I’d even get here.’

The results from the rating were announced in reverse order, with Woody finishing in fifth place, Tim and ‘Sammie’ in joint third place, and Georgina in second.

The 31-year-old sales account manager, from Dublin, joined the show as a late arrival earlier this month.

He entered the show so he could connect with people without being judged on his disability, with Paddy suffering cerebral palsy in his legs due to his mum having cancer in the womb while she was pregnant.

The final also saw the remaining contestants meet each other face to the face for the first time, after Tim and Sammie/James recently clashed over game-playing tactics.

Tim discovered Sammie was actually James in a tense confrontation, where he found out about the existence of the ‘circle of trust’ between James, Paddy and Georgina.

The moment soon passed, however, with the players flabbergasted that Woody’s boundless positivity came from a real person – who revealed his parents are Fatboy Slim and Zoe Ball to the group.

They follow last year’s winner, catfish Alex Hobern, who won £50,000 and also a further £25,000 after being named the viewers’ favourite too.

You can catch The Circle on Channel 4 on demand.

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