Paddy's big step as he declares he's divorcing Chas in Emmerdale

Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) made a huge decision about his future in Emmerdale, as he informed Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) that he intended to go ahead with their divorce.

Chas and Paddy’s marriage hit the rocks when her affair with Al Chapman was exposed, leaving Paddy completely devastated.

Since then, they have been living together for the sake of daughter Eve, though this has done nothing to help Paddy’s declining mental health.

Following a suicide attempt, Paddy has been trying to get things back on track by seeing a therapist and making some big life decisions.

After a second man club meeting, Paddy had a frank discussion with Chas, where he revealed that he has been looking for somewhere else to live.

Though Chas insisted that he didn’t have to move out, he insisted that it was what he wanted.

However, that wasn’t all he planned to do, as he dropped the bombshell that he would be going ahead with their divorce, leaving Chas stunned.

Paddy explained that he needed to move on, and though Chas admitted that the thought oof not being with him scared her, she promised that she wouldn’t stand in his way.

Later, Paddy shared the news with best friend Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock), who expressed his concerns over Paddy living alone after everything he’d been through.

He went as far as to offer him a room at his house, though Paddy declined, telling him that he appreciated the offer.

He also pointed out how much he appreciated man club, and how it had helped him to make this decision.

With his friends rallying around, it seems that Paddy is on the road to recovery.

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