Paul Gascoigne reveals a movie based on his life is ‘in the works’ as he prepares to go on Italian I’m A Celebrity

PAUL Gascoigne says a movie based on his life is "in the works".

The football legend is preparing to go on Italian I’m A Celebrity, but already has big plans for outside the jungle.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun ahead of his reality show stint, the 53-year-old revealed: “I’m talking about doing a film.

"One of the guys from Game Of Thrones wants to play me. It’s about my life.”

Paul and ex-wife Sheryl, 55, had son Regan, 25, before they divorced in 1999. 

Paul adopted  25-year-old Mason and Bianca, 34 — now a reality TV star and model — from Sheryl’s previous mariage.

For now, he plans to remain single so he can take sole responsibility for his actions should he make any mistakes.

The former England star has had long-running battle with alcoholism, which led to having stomach implants to stop him drinking.

He insists he can stay in control of his boozing -and now drinks beer and wine.

But although he remains close to some of his footballing buddies, including Gary Lineker and Shearer, he admits he tries to keep his distance from other people as he always gets “carried away”.

Paul says: “I’m single, and that works for me at the moment.  The thing is, if I keep myself to myself then my mistakes are all my own. Whatever happens, that’s on me.

“You’ve seen the times I’ve gone through.

“I don’t always think beforehand, I just go ahead and do stuff and deal with the consequences later, and I’ve given myself a load of challenges in  my life.

“These days there’s no hiding — there are camera phones every- where, so all I can do is be myself.

“I’m not perfect, but if I keep things this way then I know  that anything that goes wrong is  on me.

“It will be my own fault, and I’ll have to deal with it.”

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