People arent listening! Alastair Campbell rages at panic-buying no diesel, no unleaded

Fuel crisis: Alastair Campbell says 'people aren't listening'

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Alastair Campbell and Susanna Reid hosted Good Morning Britain on Monday morning. A big topic on the ITV news programme was the current fuel shortage, with the presenters updating viewers on the ongoing issue. However, Alastair was quick to blast members of the public for panic buying.

Alastair spoke about the fuel shortage with Good Morning Britain journalist Nick Dixon, who was reporting from a petrol station.

Alastair fumed: “The government are urging people to not panic buy, but it seems like they are not really listening.”

Nick agreed, giving an update on the ongoing situation: “No, not at all. As we know the panic buying has continued throughout the weekend.

“It’s continued this morning in some parts of the country. Even though the message clearly is that there is no national fuel shortage.

“The petrol retail association across the country getting very concerned as well because they are independent outlets.

“Thousands of them just like Clayhill service station here are running dry if they haven’t already.

“You can see this morning here there’s no diesel, no unleaded,” Nick explained.

The journalist went on to detail how security was having to be used for fuel deliveries.

Nick continued: “They are getting a delivery later on this morning with security guards as well because the delivery drivers have been verbally abused when they do make their deliveries.

“Just to put this into perspective here, last Wednesday before the panic buying started they sold around 2,500 litres of unleaded.

“On Friday that figure had risen to 15,500,” he concluded.

Earlier in the show, Alastair and Susanna debated the fuel crisis and the response from the government.

The pair blasted government ministers for their communication about the ongoing issues.

Susanna said: “When all the ministers Tweeted ‘please don’t panic there’s plenty of fuel’ that didn’t work.”

“That was not a good move, that was not a good move,” Alastair agreed.

Susanna remarked: “You could argue communications actually aren’t effective.”

Alastair continued: “But, you have to explain what the government is doing.

“For people to wake up and say the army is being sent in to drive trucks, the government has to explain if that is right or wrong.

“Otherwise you keep, pardon the pun, you fuel the whole problem,” he explained.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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