Peter Andre in hysterics as daughter Princess mocks his 'embarrassing outfit'

PETER Andre was put firmly in his place by eldest daughter Princess as he strutted around the garden in his sports gear.

The Mysterious Girl singer's style credentials were hilariously called into question as he filmed himself in a bright blue sports vest, emblazoned with the word Official.

He paired this with matching sports, bearing the phrase and the number 21, and a pair of sunglasses.

Peter, 48, clutched a pair of cooking tongs to complete the al fresco look as he prepared to host a family barbecue for his brood.

In a video posted to his Instagram page, Peter strolled into shot and conceded: "Yeah it's not the best outfit, well, it is …"

Princess, 13, then took the chance to hog the camera and clarify her thoughts, as she candidly said: "Guys, you just thought – no," as she jokingly slammed his look.

Peter uploaded the clip with the caption: "It’s all about the Strut…..Thinking I was down with the kids while prepping for Js 16th… video coming Friday on YouTube."

The Aussie star's fans were quick to giggle at the outtake of the event to celebrate Junior, Peter's son with Katie Price, turning 16.

One wrote: "Hahaha! A girl who knows her daddy but being an 80s girl you look great Pete!"

Another put: "You can still rock what ever you want and you know it!" as one then joked: "Maybe not the best outfit but the walk off is the best."

Katie and ex husband Peter both shared video montages to mark Junior's special day last week.

The former couple posted a series of pictures of their boy on his big day – but managed to avoid any of each other.

Peter got his post in first and wrote: “16 years of pure Joy having you in my life. I love who you have become.

"Kind, funny, talented but most of all loving and respectful. Happy birthday my son. I’m proud to be your dad. Love you ♥️”

Katie, 42, shared a series of gorgeous pictures of her with Junior as a baby and over the years, writing:  “My absolute world from the moment Junior was Born by my side, and now he has grown to a gorgeous little man and the world is his oyster ❤️❤️.”

It’s been a tough year for Junior, who fell ill with Covid and struggled for some time to get over it.

The teen is playing a “glow up” now he’s sixteen – much to dad Pete’s horror.

Junior recently said: "When I’m 16 I hopefully will have a glow up.

"I want to get my two ears pierced. I'm not sure I would suit just one and I don’t know which is the right one.

"When I’m older I want a neck tattoo as well – a big neck tattoo but on my face.

"I don’t think I’d suit a sleeve you know, I dunno, but I’m thinking about a neck tattoo.

"I want to do acting and you have to to cover them but yeah, I'm thinking about a neck tattoo."

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