Phillip Schofield snaps at Meghan Markle’s pal after she ‘avoids’ his questions

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Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby welcomed American actress and Meghan Markle’s longtime friend Janina Gavankar onto This Morning today, but in a puzzling turn, she repeatedly avoided the host's questions about the Duchess of Sussex.

Criticism of the interview came in thick and fast on Twitter, and, with the questioning going nowhere, Phillip finally lost his patience and demanded to know what Janina’s "role" was in agreeing to come on the programme.

Constantly smiling, Janina said: "We’re all happy that we are in a new era and we get to tell the truth now."

Puzzled as the guest wasn’t actually revealing anything of note, a frustrated Phillip suddenly cut in: "Yeah but I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying.

"We watched the interview… but I don’t know what your role is coming on this programme today when you’ve been avoiding most of the questions."

Taken-aback by the host’s direct tone, Janina fired back: "I’ve been quite surprised by your questions."

She then said that ITV producers had asked her to come on but "they know I don’t speak for them [Harry and Meghan]".

Viewers flocked to the comments to share their thoughts on the segment, which many branded "pointless" and praised the presenter for pushing Janina to explain her point in coming on the show today.

"You've effectively come on here and said nothing….. #ThisMorning," one person criticised.

Another wrote: "Sorry but this interview with Janina is going absolutely nowhere. #ThisMorning."

"My respect for Phil has just gone up a notch #thismorning," a third posted.

While a fourth confused viewer asked: "This woman, Megan’s 'friend' on #ThisMorning is just here to be on TV. What is she on here for pls?"

A fifth joked: "@thismorning I’d love to hear that convo between Philip and holly in the break!!!! #thismorning."

And another angry viewer said: "This ‘friend’ of Meghan's on #ThisMorning doesn’t know ANYTHING. She looks like she’s making things up on the spot as she goes along. She doesn’t appear to have any insight into ANYTHING. Her answers are vague and very subjective. Unreliable source here."

"That interview was a waste of everybody's time #ThisMorning," another added.

Despite the tense moment, Phil assured his guest that she was on the show because everyone was "fascinated" with hearing Meghan’s side of the story, especially from her close friends who know her, and that they’d been hoping to hear much more.

The Morning Show actress nodded as she later added she thinks Prince Harry and Meghan now "feel free" following the controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey, and that it really is "a new era".

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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