Piers Morgan raises suspicions that Davide Sanclimenti is secret adult actor

Piers Morgan has branded the latest Love Island cast as "dunces" and "fake", taking swipes at "gormless" Andrew Le Page and Luca Bish, and suggesting that Davide Sanclimenti is a porn star.

The broadcaster, famous for his divisive opinions, penned a column about his experience watching the dating series, which he described as "television’s most moronic show".

In the episode Piers had been watching, Luca had been arguing with Andrew about him telling Tasha she wasn't in his "top three".

In a comment piece written for The Sun, Piers said he re-watched the episode, calling Andrew a liar, but saying "the truth is, I wasn’t surprised by any of this. It’s what Love Island is all about. I hate it".

The journalist then took aim at fitness instructor Liam Llewellyn who left the villa yesterday evening, saying he "confirmed (my) worst fears about this year’s cerebrally challenged intake", after Liam admitted he thought Elton John was a duo, confessing, "I just thought it was like 'Elt and John', just like it’s Ant and Dec."

Piers said: "Yet at least I can understand why dunces like Liam go on Love Island. It’s a chance to meet like-minded individuals and will almost certainly be the pinnacle of their intellectual achievement in life."

Alongside sneering at the islanders perceived low intelligence, Piers described the show as "spectacularly fake".

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He retorted: "Take the self-styled ‘Italian Stallion’, Davide Sanclimenti, who we’re told ‘works in business.’ Hmmm. So do porn stars. The more Davide lays it on with his dodgy ‘romantic’ Roman drawl, the more suspicious I’m getting.

"I’m not saying Davide isn’t actually Italian, but I’d love someone to ask him to count to 10 in it, not least to see if he can count to ten in any language."

He rounded off his attack of the dating show, saying he must stop writing about it as he "feels yet more of (his) brain cells giving up the will to live."

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