Poldark returns to BBC One tonight – here's what's in store as Geoffrey and Cecily's relationship blossoms

GET ready for more bittersweet moments, Cornish coastlines and, of course, Aidan Turner taking his top off – that's right, Poldark continues on Sunday, July 28.

We take you through when you can watch it, who's in the cast and what will happen on the new and LAST ever series.

What time is Poldark on tonight?

Poldark series 5 premiered Sunday, July 14, 2019 at 9pm on BBC1 and the third episode airs TONIGHT (Sunday, July 28) at the same time.

Yes, the hunky captain is returning for eight episodes to keep us all entertained on Sunday evenings.

Once each episode has aired you'll be able to also catch it all on the BBC iPlayer.

Filming finished in February 2019, with the cast sharing sweet snaps of Demelza kissing her Ross on the last day of shooting for the last ever series.

What happened in episode 2?

Episode two of Poldark season five saw Demelza and the children follow Ross to London, but the lead character's commitment to vindicate Ned got him caught up in a dangerous web.

Elsewhere, Ned confronted the man responsible for his downfall, while Dwight discovers his areas of expertise have put him and his friends in serious danger.

Meanwhile, Drake and Morwenna made tentative progress in their affections, as Valentine’s spirit grows wilful in neglect.

What is going to happen in episode 3?

While George Warleggan might be Poldark's panto villain, we can agree in saying that no one deserves the cruel treatment executed by an inhuman doctor who believes in curing George's "animal spirits."

And in the midst of being tormented by an evil doctor, an accident occurs at his mine, ultimately giving Despard the floor to show everyone how brave he really is.

In episode 3, Hanson being in Cornwall raises suspicion and as Demelza grapples with how best to prepare the community to care for itself, Morwenna lends herself to the occasion and discovers new ambitions.

Geoffrey Charles and Cecily's relationship keeps on blooming, yet George's mental stability keeps on crumbling and Cary battles under mounting obligations.

The Enyses hope to challenge the county's high society by facilitating a ball to present the Despards, before catastrophe strikes and Ross and Ned must take immediate action.

What will happen on Poldark season five?

Elizabeth's death in series four has had a profound effect on Poldark, so he decides to spend more time with his loved ones – away from Westminster – in the new episodes.

But this doesn't last long as he's forced to challenge the establishment while questioning his loyalties to King and country when an old friend comes to him asking for help.

Meanwhile, Demelza is facing danger closer to home, and George is courting corrupt powers that span the entire empire.

Demelza and Ross are also trying to repair their relationship.

Irish actor Aidan revealed his ex-soldier will be much “kinder” to his wife in the final run of episodes.

Speaking about how Ross’s life has moved on since the season four finale, Aidan told TV Times: “It’s moved on a considerable amount.

“He’s grown up a lot and has a better sense of responsibility."

“He’s still impulsive and he has a natural attraction to menace, but I think all round he’s a better person.

"He’s certainly kinder to Demelza.”

The actor went on to say the relationship starts off in a place of “peace”, but hints there’ll be more ructions before long.

What happened in season four of Poldark?

The series started with the Poldarks rebuilding their marriage and the Enys' trying to increase their family, while Cornwall struggled under the Warleggans.

Then after being elected as an MP, Ross had to rise to the challenge of Parliament.

But being away from Cornwall brought a set of new obstacles for him as well – with George refusing to accept defeat to him.

After returning to Cornwall, the Poldarks were faced with fresh tragedy when the Enys' baby died.

The series ended with further heartache when Elizabeth Warleggan died.

Who's in the cast of Poldark season 5?

Poldark wouldn't be Poldark without… Poldark, so we know Aidan Turner returns for the fifth season.

Eleanor Tomlinson also returns as his wife, Demelza, along with Tholly Tregirls, played by Sean Gilder.

Heida Reed may have left the series but her on-screen husband Jack Farthing returns as Poldark's nemesis George Warleggan alongside Luke Norris and Gabriella Wilde as Dwight and Caroline Enys.

Also returning in series five is Prudie (Beatie Edney), cleric Osborne Whitworth (Christian Brassington) and Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse).

Drake and Morwenna Carne (Harry Richardson and Elise Chappell) and Drake and Demelza’s brother Sam (Tom York) are also back.

Is this the last series of Poldark?

We are sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is the last ever series of Poldark.

For those who love the Cornish period drama, this will be their fifth and final fix of the hit show.

You can watch series one to three on Netflix now – season four is not yet available.

And if you're that desperate to carry on their story there are twelve books by Winston Graham for you to enjoy and discover what happens to the next generation of Poldarks.

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