Power Book 4: Force producer 50 Cent teases Ghosts return in Tommy spin-off

Power Book 2 – Ghost Season 2 teaser trailer

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The sixth and final season of Power concluded the crime drama’s first era with some devastating twists and turns last year. Now the Starz franchise is expanding with plenty more spin-offs on the way following the release of Book III: Raising Kanan, and the next chapter could bring a beloved character back into the fold.

Producer and Power star 50 Cent has confirmed we could see the late James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick (played by Omari Hardwick) pop up in the near future.

The hip-hop legend and creative force behind the Starz franchise recently spoke to the Express about the future of the series.

One of New York’s most powerful drug lords, Ghost was killed by his own son Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) in Power’s gripping final instalment.

Tariq’s story now continues in the show’s first spin-off, Book II: Ghost, which follows his dangerous new allegiance with the Tejada crime family alongside his studies.

Meanwhile, Ghost’s best friend and partner Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) will lead his own series, Power Book IV: Force, coming to Starz early next year.

Force will pick up directly after Power season six, which saw Tommy cut all ties with New York following the death of Ghost.

50 Cent teased to Express Online: “Tommy’s show is the true, organic spin-off.

“We’ll see some interesting things from that, I expect that to blow the wheels off of people.”

The producer reiterated Tommy’s role in the series, which has already established him as fully immersed in the US drug scene.

Whilst Ghost was always reluctant to delve deeper into the American underworld, his partner seemed destined for a life of crime.

Despite leaving NYC in his rearview mirror, Tommy will set up new ties with the Chicago drug trade in the upcoming spin-off.

With speculation still circulating around Ghost’s potential resurrection, 50 Cent sadly nixed these rumours ahead of Force’s premiere.

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However, the producer suggested there was still a chance for his return in another form.

When pressed on Ghost’s revival, he said: “Maybe flashbacks or something.”

“But not in present day,” he added, confirming the character is most likely still dead and buried.

As Tommy sets up his new life in The Windy City, there will be plenty of opportunities for him to reminisce about his past life with Ghost.

50 Cent also confirmed the upcoming editions of Book III: Raising Kanan will shed more light on Ghost and Tommy’s early life, portrayed by younger actors.

Following last year’s finale, fans immediately started formulating their own theories for how Ghost could eventually come back to the show.

Many were convinced the crime lord had managed to fake his death, despite being shot point blank midway through the season.

With the reveal it had been his own son who pulled the trigger, some viewers were in uproar over Power’s controversial ending, though thankfully the story continued in the still ongoing follow-ups.

Now the producer has teased at least one more appearance from the show’s former protagonist, Book IV: Force will undoubtedly become an essential watch for Power fans next year.

Power Book IV: Force will premiere in early 2022 on Starz.

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