Queen of the South season 5: Camila’s release from jail leaves fans baffled as they expose

Queen of the South: Fifth season teased by USA Network

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Camila Vargas (played by Veronica Falcon) was one of the biggest missing characters from the latest season of USA Network’s Queen of the South. Starting off at the beginning of the show as the powerful drug lord that Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga) worked for as a mule, she was quickly overshadowed by her apprentice. 

When Teresa started her own drug cartel without Camila and took over many members of her gang, Camila became the antagonist of the show, doing everything in her power to stop her. 

In the subsequent season, Camilla was framed by the DEA and landed in prison. 

She managed to escape as she was kidnapped while she was transported in a van between prisons. 

Camila was later cleared of her crime as the agent who arrested her is suspended and her charges were dropped. 

But fans are now wondering how the drug lord managed to make her way into Mexico after escaping prison without the government or law enforcement stopping her. 

I am a little confused how exactly can Camila just be in Mexico after she was kidnapped when she was moving between prisons,” wondered one fan on Reddit. 

“Wouldn’t she have to go back to prison before the case gets all cleared? Or was the show just being sloppy about it and quickly moved on to the next stage of the story?”

While fans agree this is probably just an instance of “sloppy” storytelling from the writers and showrunners, the plot-hole may also leave things open for Camila to return.

The last time Camila was seen on Queen of the South, was at the end of season three. 

By then, Camila and Teresa had managed to set aside their differences and work together. 

To strike a deal with a new supplier, Teresa needed Camila’s help, who agreed only at the condition that she kill Cortez (Yancey Arias) as Camila was looking to take revenge on him for kidnapping and holding her daughter Isabella (Sandy Valles). 

Teresa then double-crossed Camilla and handed her over to Cortez. 

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When Teresa’s men attacked Cortez in the season three finale, Camila escaped but was tricked by the supplier’s niece who secretly worked for Teresa and brought Camila to her. 

Teresa had by then found out that Camila was planning on murdering her and wanted her former mentor gone, but instead of killing her, she sent Camila into exile. 

This situation, added to a criminal charge looming over her head for escaping prison, could mean Camila may return to the show. 

If Camila were to get in trouble for starting up her business again in Mexico, the authorities there could easily decide to extradite her to the US, where she would surely be back on Teresa’s radar. 

Season five of Queen of the South recently announced its release date, set for April. 

Fans have been waiting for a new season for almost two years, but what made it more painful was the plot twist that ended season four. 

James Valdez made a stunning comeback at the end of season four after having disappeared for almost an entire season after his loyalty was put into question. 

Could James’s confirmed return in season five also mean the return of Camila?

Queen of the South season 5 will be released in April on the USA Network.

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