'Queer Eye': Are Any of the Fab Five Members Vegan?

Karamo Brown loves candy and Antoni Porowski loves avocados. Some of the Fab Five members also offered a glimpse into their dietary habits. Here’s what we know about the hosts of Netflix’s original reality series, Queer Eye

Five cast members star in the original Netflix reality series, ‘Queer Eye’

These hosts are all about promoting self-love. Thanks to the Netflix original series, Queer Eye, viewers met members of the “Fab Five.” That includes fashion expert Tan France, grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness, food and wine expert Porowski, culture expert Brown, and interior design expert Bobby Berk.

Since its debut, this Netflix series earned several Primetime Emmy Awards, including one for Outstanding Structured Reality Program. The Fab Five members earned millions of followers on social media, sometimes posting about their meals and their favorite foods. Spoiler alert: Porowski loves avocados. 

Are any of the Fab Five members vegan?

The Fab Five members normally eat whatever Porowski creates for them, including Brown, Van Ness, France, and Berk. As a result, fans learned that these Queer Eye experts are not entirely vegan.

Still, most of them, besides Brown, make an effort to eat healthily. Although he doesn’t always follow a plant-based lifestyle, design expert Berk revealed that he and his partner try to eat vegan when possible. 

“Vegan Tacos made from Jackfruit!? Sound peculiar, well it’s not… and it’s delicious,” Berk captioned his post. “Dewey and I have been trying to eat less meat as it can be great for your body and definitely helps reduce your environmental impact.”

Brown is known for his sweet tooth, often munching on candy and drinking soda according to other members of the Fab Five. The food and wine expert of this series often shares his love for cheese and butter, although he, technically is lactose intolerant. During one interview with GQ, Porowski said that he sometimes enjoys a salmon filet or a bagel with egg and bacon.

“During the week, I eat a lot of plant-based foods,” he continued. “I have greens that are high in fiber and I eat a lot of fruits at night.”

Antoni Porowski’s New York City restaurant included vegetarian and vegan options 

Outside of his work with Queer Eye, Porowski acted as one of the owners of the New York City-based restaurant, the Village Den. This location specialized in clean, healthy alternatives, some item options even being gluten-free, dairy-free, Whole30, vegan, paleo, and keto. 

This restaurant has since closed its doors, but even with this food and wine expert’s cookbooks, some recipes feature vegan and vegetarian options for fans. Porowski even tweeted regarding his sibling’s dietary habits, saying, “My sister: ‘I’m vegan but I eat meat.’”

Episodes of Queer Eye are available for streaming exclusively on Netflix, as is the spinoff series Queer Eye: We’re in Japan

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