Ruby’s club in EastEnders to be renamed in honour of Peggy Mitchell

Ruby’s nightclub in EastEnders’ Turpin Road has has various names over the years, including the Cobra Club, E20, Scarlet and R&R.

For a while it was known as Angie’s Den, after Angie and Den Watts, the original landlord and landlady of the Queen Vic and the adoptive parents of Sharon (Letitia Dean).

If Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf)’s plans come to fruition (which is looking doubtful at this precise moment, but stranger things have happened), another iconic Walford landlady is set to be celebrated by having the club named after her: none other than Peggy Mitchell, who was of course played by the legendary Barbara Windsor.

In tonight’s episode we saw Sam propose to Phil (Steve McFadden) that they should buy Ruby’s. Kat (Jessie Wallace) was against the plan, as she reckoned they already had far too many businesses to keep on top of already.

But Sam was insistent, and she knew that her idea of naming the club after her and Phil’s mum Peggy would be a winner with Phil. He agreed to the plan, and Sam arranged a meeting with Ruby’s lawyers to seal the deal.

Unfortunately she was delayed after her ex had all her stuff (including a tasteful but very large nude photograph of Sam) dumped on the pavement on the Square. By the time Sam had finished trying to sort that out and raced to Ruby’s she was told that the club had already been sold – to Jonah (Mark Mooney).

Kat warned Sam that Phil will not be happy that Sam let him down. She’s just going to have to find a way to buy Jonah out. Peggy’s must happen!

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