Sara Wallis: Bake Off Nadiya’s can-do attitude to kitchen hacks dazzles

“Stop feeling guilty about taking shortcuts,” insisted Bake Off’s break-out star Nadiya Hussain on Monday.

“Embrace it!”

The mum-of-three’s new cookery series Nadiya’s Time To Eat on BBC2 was a warm glimmer of hope in a world over-stuffed with pretentious foams, reductions and deconstructed puddings.

Use time-saving hacks, she declared. Use every cheat in the book. The Ramsays and Nigellas of this world can do one. Ok, she didn’t say that last bit.

Tinned veg, cans of baked beans, the microwave… it’s all fair game in Nadiya’s kitchen.

I’ve even heard that she makes a pie with… whisper it – Spaghetti Hoops.

Some haters are horrified, but to be honest, she had me at instant noodles.

It’s a food revolution!

Next up, How To Order A Takeaway With Jamie Oliver. Maybe not.

On the promise of recipes for families in a rush, I settled in with a notebook and pen ready for my transformation into supermum.

Just one slight problem.

Nadiya is still absolutely superhuman in the kitchen.

She made a peanut butter and jelly traybake, pancakes oven-baked to save on pouring and flipping.

“Whack it in the mixer,” she said.

Ten minutes.

Stick it in the oven.

Off she went to have a cup of tea and plait her daughter’s hair before the school run.


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