SEAL Team season 7 release: Paramount boss shares disappointing update

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The sixth season of SEAL Team had drama had bombshells aplenty when it came to its emotional close back in November 2022. Following its switch to Paramount+ from CBS, the action only intensified with one or two F-bombs and a heartbreaking exit for fan-favourite Clay Spenser (played by Max Thieriot). But while the finale teed up an intriguing seventh season, fans are still in the dark as to whether it will actually come to fruition.

But this week, Tanya Giles, the chief programming officer of Paramount Streaming, has shed some light on how things are going.

However, she didn’t exactly deliver the exciting news fans had been hoping for.

When asked by TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich at the TCAs whether the renewal plans were ready, she replied: “Not yet, not quite yet.”

However, she did provide some consolation and signs of hope as she heaped praise on the series.

Giles added that SEAL Team is “one of those shows that had that successful move from broadcast to streaming.

“We’ve found that a couple of times now, and that was great to see.”

With Paramount streaming bosses recognising the success of the drama, fans will just have to sit tight to see if official news of a new series emerges soon.

One thing that is for sure is that fans will want to see how Bravo performs now Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) has finally spoken out about his TBI (traumatic brain injury).

Jason blamed himself for Clay’s death as his involvement in the ambush in Mali in season five led to him losing his leg and ultimately being in the wrong place at the wrong time when a security guard ended up killing him when he was out of service.

In the season six finale, Jason was set to receive a Navy Cross for saving Clay and others’ during the ambush, the irony of which was highlighted by Clay’s grieving father Ash (C Thomas Howell).

However, Clay’s wife Stella (Alona Tal) did her best to console Jason, telling him: “If you hadn’t saved Clay that day, I would have had even less time with my husband, and he would never have had a chance to be a dad, which he loved so much.

“I never took a second of that time for granted, and I’m here to see you honoured for giving it to us,” she added, leaving barely a dry eye among viewers.

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At the ceremony, Jason decided to come clean and take full responsibility for Clay’s demise, citing his TBI as the main factor.

“I was watching my own back, worried that command would discover what this war had done to my head,” Jason said to the adoring crowd.

“I hid my brain injury (and) Clay Spenser paid the ultimate price for it.”

Jason was moments away from being told to stand down from his position as Bravo leader as a result.

But as Blackburn (Judd Lormand) told him he had “no choice” but to stand him down, Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr) bared all by interrupting and informing his superiors about his own PTS battle.

This prompted several other members to enter the room and inform Blackburn and co of their own health woes, from tinnitus to breacher syndrome and memory lapses.

Jason was clearly touched by the team’s gesture, prompting Ray to reply: “What’s command gonna do, pull all our birds? Like you taught me, boss dog, always improve your fighting position.”

So with Bravo pulling together to save Jason from the axe, how will the team look in season seven and will everyone finally get the help they need?

SEAL Team seasons 1-6 are available to stream on Paramount+ now.

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