Simba Actor Donald Glover Wears Lion Onesie on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Before The Lion King Opens

Donald Glover takes his roles seriously.

The actor and musician, who performs under the name Childish Gambino, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! wearing a full lion onesie in a hilarious Method actor moment. Glover voices Simba in the upcoming Disney remake of The Lion King, out July 18.

“This is what we wore every day,” Glover, 35, joked, adding that late Muppets genius Jim Henson’s creature shop made the costume. “It took about five years.”

Glover stars in the movie alongside an A-list cast, led by Beyoncé as the grown-up Nala. But while Glover gets to sing a duet with the superstar in the film, he revealed that he specifically asked to record their parts separately as to not get intimidated.

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“I requested not to be. I did not want to be looking into Beyonce’s eyes while doing this,” Glover said. “I was actually working on Solo at the time so I was in London and I recorded at Abbey Road studios.”

And when host Jimmy Kimmel pointed out that it’s probably less intimidating to not have to sing with her, Glover made a hilarious analogy.

“I imagine it’s less intimidating playing basketball with Michael Jordan if you’re at home just throwing pieces of paper in the trash,” he joked.

Glover went on to explain that even his son, who born in early 2016, is a huge fan of Beyoncé, which is surprising given the child shouldn’t really know who she is.

“He doesn’t watch TV or commercials, we basically show him one movie once a week if he wants,” Glover explained. “And yesterday I was like hey, you wanna go see The Lion King? And he was like Oh, sure. Beyoncé’s in it, right? And I was like, how did you know that? I’m just saying, Beyoncé has people who haven’t even seen television loving her. She’s incredible.”

When Kimmel asked how his son could possibly know who Beyoncé is, Glover said he was at a loss.

“This is not a joke, I do not know,” Glover admitted. “I was like, did grandma tell you that. And he’s just like, [shrugs] Beyoncé.”

The Lion King opens in theaters July 18.

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