Spoilers: Faye in Coronation Street takes dangerous risk with HRT treatment

As Faye (Ellie Leach) comes to terms with the news that she’s suffering from an early menopause on Coronation Street, is she about to take a serious risk with her own health?

After being referred to a fertility specialist, Faye has learned that the best course of treatment for her is to take hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

She’s dubious about whether she wants to take the treatment, though, and in an effort to take control of things herself she starts to research alternative therapies on the internet.

Beth (Lisa George) – who’s sometimes been less than sympathetic, such as when she advised Craig (Colson Smith) to dump Faye if she couldn’t give him children – offers some good advice. She says that the doctors know best and it isn’t worth Faye risking her health by getting advice or products from possibly dodgy websites.

Craig wishes his mum would stay out of their business, while Faye is left disheartened and not knowing which way to turn. Will she decide to trust the medical professionals, or try to find her own way to deal with her symptoms?

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