Stay Close’s Richard Armitage discovers hes been left out of cast WhatsApp group

Lorraine Kelly hilariously accidentally revealed to her guest, Richard Armitage, that there is a cast WhatsApp group chat for his Netflix series that he's not included in.

The British actor, who has starred in small and big screen hits such as the Spooks and The Hobbit, made a video link appearance on the show to discuss his new number one Netflix series, Stay Close.

Before speaking to the 50 year old actor, Lorraine, 61, explained that the TV series is a "thriller with so many twists and turns that the cast needed a What’s app group just to keep up.”

However, as she happily began to speak to Richard about the series, he couldn’t hide his surprise in finding out there was a cast group chat.

Richard said: “But I can’t believe there was a What’s app group, no one told me about that.”

A concerned Lorraine replied: “Oh no! You’re not in the What’s app group for all the cast?”

Richard broke into laughter, as he shook his head and chuckled: “No.”

In an attempt to reassure him, Lorraine suggested: “Maybe there wasn’t a WhatsApp group!”

She then added: “let’s just forget about that” as Richard chuckled in the background.

Thankfully, Richard saw the funny side of it and replied: “I’m texting Harlan now.”

Thriller writer Harlan Coben has seen a number of his books transformed into small screen hits, and this is the second of them that Richard has starred in. The first was The Stranger, which fast became a huge success on Netflix.

Richard admitted: “It did really well for them and we’re really happy that Stay Close is number one in 40 countries.”

Despite being excluded from the group chat, Richard admitted that he felt very “lucky” to work with such a great cast.

Richard said: “Brilliant cast and it was so nice to reconnect with Jimmy [Nesbit] after The Hobbit and Joe Joiner, after I think 17 years ago from North and South.

“Eddie [Izzard]] was a dream. We are so lucky. I wanted to work with Sarah Parish forever, we couldn’t stop talking onset.”

Stay Close follows three regular, Megan, a happy mum of three, Ray, a widowed photographer and Michael, a detective hung up on a cold case.

A person then goes missing on the anniversary of a cold case and it begins to unravel all their lives. The investigation stirs up old memories, wounds and threatens the lives of everyone involved.

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