Steph McGovern misses her own C4 show after being forced to isolate – as Helen Skelton takes over last-minute

STEPH McGovern was forced to pull out of her own Channel 4 show Packed Lunch after having to isolate.

The 38-year-old had to skip the programme – which has guests in the studio and even a small audience – despite testing negative for coronavirus.

Former Blue Peter star Helen Skelton revealed she had been drafted in at the last minute to present the Leeds-based show in her place.

She appeared at the start of the programme, saying: "Obviously I'm not Steph – she is fine but she's having to self-isolate.

"She's tested negative for coronavirus but she's following government guidelines and she will be back very soon."

Helen, 37, added: "We miss you Steph. I'll try not to break anything."

Steph was the main business host on BBC Breakfast for years, before quitting to work for Channel 4 instead.

Packed Lunch got a rocky start after Barb viewing figures revealed that at 12.56pm on one September day not a single viewer tuned in.

However, Steph insisted the show was not facing the axe, with Channel 4 bosses giving it a vote of confidence too.

A spokesperson said: "Steph has brought a blast of energy to our daytime lineup and we're delighted with the live shows the team has produced."

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