Subtitles on Line Of Duty let slip Jo Davidson's mystery relative is a man – and viewers think it's Ted Hastings himself

LINE of Duty had viewers on the edge of their seats as Jo Davidson's DNA results revealed she had a surprising familial connection.

While it's not known who the blood relative is, fans got straight to theorising – and now they're pointing the finger at Ted Hastings himself.

The explosive episode over the weekend ended with DI Steve Arnott being given a file revealing the DNA match, which he handed over to Superintendent Hastings.

Ted – played by Adrian Dunbar – took one look at the mystery results before stating his catchphrase: "Mother of God".

The show cut to the credits before viewers could make out the wording on the document, but instead of waiting a whole week to find out, the internet got busy trying to figure it out!

Many believe that the show's subtitles have already given it away – letting slip that the mystery relative is a man, using the word "he" to describe the person in the file.

"Well Line Of Duty has got us all craning our heads to investigate and it’s a 'he' thanks to subtitles," one fan kicked off the lists of theories.

While some pointed towards John Corbett and others Tommy Hunter, others also put Hastings in the running.

"The DNA that flagged on the nominal database was either Corbett's (police files removed when deep undercover) OR Ted's (older police officer so DNA not on the system)," one fan theorised.

"So Jo is Ted's daughter, Anne Marie is her mum!"

Another agreed: "I think the male relative is Hastings! He had an affair with Anne-Marie, she had their child, Jo, out of wedlock either before or after John Corbett and had her adopted, hence the difference accents."

"My guess: John Corbett (and therefore possibly Hastings)," a third chimed in, before also listing "Derek Hilton and Mike Dryden" as other guesses.

Someone else said: "Jo Davidson is related to Tommy Hunter. Same accent, would certainly cause a reaction like that from Hastings."

Another wrote: "I reckon Jo Davidson's blood relative is Superintendent Powell, Corbett’s boss in a clandestine unit. Would be in line for promotion to Chief Super in a new Anti Corruption Unit!"

While another theory said: "Partial detection to a nominal. That would mean Laverty, Hunter, Roach, Biggeloe or Lakewell."

Paedophile Tommy Hunter was the leader of the OCG gang in an earlier series of the show, but his character was killed off.

While Mike Dryden, the the former Deputy Chief Constable, resigned in series two after perverting the course of justice.

Derek Hilton, who was shot in a staged suicide in season four, was a Chief Superintendent that was secretly affiliated with organised crime.

While John Corbett was an undercover cop in series five and had links to Anne-Marie, who fans claim could be Davidson's mother.

Line Of Duty continues Sunday at 9PM on BBC One.

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