Susanna Reid leaves GMB fans cringing as she awkwardly rejects Adil Ray’s hug

Susanna Reid looked rather uncomfortable as co-host Adil Ray approached her with open arms after social distancing measures had eased across the UK.

Good Morning Britain host, Susanna, 50, still feels awkward when it comes to hugging others during the Covid-19 pandemic and she certainly wasn't about to accept a gesture from her co-star Adil.

Adil stood up on Monday's show, ready to warmly embrace his on-screen partner but she snubbed the gesture in an awkward TV moment.

Staying seated, Susanna squirmed before apologising and rejecting Adil's offer.

The TV star told Adil, she'd rather save her hugs for more "important people".

The awkward on-screen moment seemed to catch a lot of attention on Twitter.

One viewer tweeted: "Well that attempt to hug Susannah failed miserably Adil. Better luck next time!"

"I can live without the hugs tbh @GMB#GMB," added another.

"Rationing your hugs is such a great idea! Be mindful," said a third.

But others disagreed: "Absolutely pathetic, hug how you want # GMB."

"Dr Hilary just so ya know I’m out here touching everyone today #gmb I’m just a little hug bug," chimed another online user.

With arms wide, Adil approached Susanna, adding: "Let me just, come on! I haven't seen you in such a long time!"

Looking awkward, Susanna said: "What did Dr Hilary say? I am still in the mood for a virtual hug!"

Dr Hilary added: "Lots of people are still nervous for a hug!"

At that point Susanna explained: "Apologies, I am just protecting you first of all, who knows what I might have, but secondly if we ration or hugs you can hug more important people."

Adil remarked: "Susanna let's be honest if there was no pandemic you would still not hug people!"

Wanting to test the waters, Adil tried to pursue Susanna again but she knocked him back for a second time urging that hugging in the workplace was off limits.

Dr Hilary chimed in: "Everyone is desperate to hug, I think it's important to be selective, not to hug all and sundry but to hug people most close to you, that you have been really keen to hug."

Susanna explained: "Well we have already been hugging the ones most close to us, but ones outside of that."

Dr Hilary went on: "It's important to ask them, have they got any symptoms? Have they been exposed to anyone else in recent time? Have they been vaccinated?"

"You need them to do a health questionnaire first!" joked Susanna.

Dr Hilary continued: "And do they want to hug? Because a lot of people still don't want hugs! Ask them if they want to hug, get consent first, and then by all means hug.

"But I would still wear a mask, I would turn your head away and not talk to them whilst you're hugging them, because it's aerosol contact."

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am

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