Susanna Reid steps in to end terrible GMB row as viewers complain

Susanna Reid shuts down fiery climate change debate on GMB

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On Tuesday’s instalment of Good Morning Britain, hosts Susanna Reid and Ed Balls welcomed Tom Burke and Esther Krakue onto the show. The two guests spoke about whether or not it’s a good time for the UK to pay climate compensation amid the cost of living crisis. However, as things got heated Susanna was forced to end the debate as they started to shout over each other.

Currently, climate change campaigners are demanding Prime Minister Rishi Sunak give up to one trillion pounds in reparations to countries that suffer from the effects of climate change.

As former MP Boris Johnson stated the UK can’t afford to pay reparations due to the cost of living crisis, Good Morning Britain was discussing if now is the right economic time to pay other countries for loss and damage.

Appearing on the show was Chairman and Founding Director of E3G Tom Burke who believed the UK has a loyal obligation to help.

However, broadcaster Esther Krakue shared the strong opinion that the UK cannot afford to do so.

After both sharing their strong views things started to get heated between the pair as Esther asked Tom why he thinks the average Brit would want to dedicate their money to this.

Slamming the chairman, she asked: “Here’s the thing, why don’t you commit all of your money to this cause instead of telling the average Brit who is finding it hard to get by to do this?

“Because you never put your money where your mouth is-”

As Esther started to raise her voice to get her point across Tom then spoke over to try and respond to her question.

Tom slammed Esther for doubting how willing the average person in the UK is willing to help those in poorer countries.

Highlighting the huge funds that are raised on charity occasions such as Sport Aid and Red Nose Day, he told the broadcaster that despite people not getting a pay rise themselves they still manage to donate to a cause.

With them both speaking over one another, he said: “I don’t doubt the average Brit in the way you doubt the average Brit, I think the average Brit is a bit better than you are!”

Although as the duo continued to get fiery during their discussion, many viewers slammed the debate as Esther shouted her points across.


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Mark Hughes tweeted: “She gave me a headache shouting all the time way too early for her.”

Lee Partridge added: “Wow, This woman speaks so fast & loud, giving me a headache, it’s only 7.30am, switching over.”

Steph Marbella commented: “Please stop this lady shouting and not letting anyone else speak!! It’s terrible to watch – can’t hear anyone’s argument at all.”

With Rum_raisin saying: “#GMB What a way to embarrass yourself @estherk_k. Shout, shout, shout over people. We can’t hear you. Whatever points you were trying to make were completely lost.”

As things continued to get heated between Tom and Esther, Good Morning Britain’s Susanna was forced to intervene.

Trying to cut in, she said: “We do have to leave it there! We do have to leave it there.

“We came close to a point of agreement and then we sort of sailed away from it again. Tom, Esther, look, it’s a really lovely debate and your points of view really do reflect the divide in the country over these issues at the moment.”

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays on ITV from 6am

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