Teen Mom Ashley Jones unleashes furious rant at troll who claims she's 'never with' her daughter Holly, 3

TEEN Mom Ashley Jones unleashed a furious rant at a troll who claimed she's "never with" her daughter Holly, 3.

The reality TV star mainly shares videos and photos of her going to the pool or partying with her baby daddy.

In an Instagram Live, captured by fan account Teen Mom Chatter, Ashley slammed the fact that "everyone is always asking me about Holly."

"Why do I have to have her 24/7? And why when I'm not with her, you guys tell me I need to be with her."

She then continued: "Poor your kids, b**ch, for growing up with a mother like you who thinks it's appropriate to come on the Internet with your old a** and talk s**t to a woman who is probably young enough to be your granddaughter.

"Shame on you, honestly. If you were nicer, I'd pay for your Botox because you need it."

Ashley shot to fame while starring on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant in 2018, while she joined Teen Mom 2 for its new season after Chelsea Houska quit the show.

In a recent episode of the MTV show, fans admitted they were distracted by something in view during a scene between the mom of one and baby daddy Bar Smith, 24.

As the pair – who share 3-year-old daughter Holly – were talking, viewers noticed a whiteboard that had "eat my a** and p***y" written on it.

After Instagram fan account javis_lips pointed out the sign, others agreed that they were distracted by the whiteboard.

One person wrote: "This distracted me the entire scene. Why did they need to write that down."

A second commented: "How did the producers not make them take it down."

A third chimed in: "This is really f***ing strange."

Ashley and Bar – who got engaged in November 2020 – have had a tumultuous relationship over the years.

The reality star accused her baby daddy of domestic abuse during their early years on MTV's Young & Pregnant.

However, the pair have been going strong since reconciling.

During an exclusive interview with InTouch, Ashley spoke about her relationship with Bar, whose real name Bariki Smith.

She said: “Bar will always be the father of my child and I think we’re working our best to just be the best parents we can be."

Earlier this month, The Sun exclusively revealed that Bar had been arrested for "willful discharge of firearm."

Ashley's pastor mother Tea later slammed her daughter's baby daddy following his arrest in an Instagram post.

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