Teen Mom Chelsea Houska takes fans inside kids Watson & Layne's new bedrooms after fans brand new dream home 'ugly'

CHELSEA Houska gave an inside peek into her kids Watson & Layne's bedrooms, in her brand new farmhouse which fans have deemed "ugly."

The Teen Mom alum has faced controversy over her decorating choices, despite pursuing her own home decor line.

Chelsea, 29, gave her fans a tour of her kid's new bedrooms via the family Instagram account @downhomedeboers last night.

The reality star showed off her daughter Layne's bed, as the two-year-old played with her brother in the background.

"Here's Layne's bed, we did a daybed for her," she explained, while panning across the room to the cream colored trundle.

"It's a twin size. It pulls out so it's a trundle and we definitely need that because she still is a horrible sleeper and wakes up and we have to come in here and sleep sometimes," she confessed while the toddler jumped on the bed.

Several patterned pillows sat on the mattress and aztec artwork hung in the background.

Chelsea then moved into Watson's room, as the four-year-old joined his mom on the tour.

"This is Watson's room, his furniture is soooo cute, that light actually works," she shared while filming the bedroom filled with dark wood accents.

"His room is probably the most bare because he's never slept in here so it always looks so nice," she admitted.

The dark wood bed frame featured a black overhead lamp, and double matching side tables on the right and left.

Chelsea chose dark blue bedding with tan, cream, and burnt orange accents, and framed photographs of buffalos on the wall.

"His furniture is one of my favorites. It's so fricken cute," she gushed.

Despite Chelsea's enthusiasm about her new home, many fans disagreed with her decorating choices, and have been very vocal with their opinions throughout the process.

The MTV star and her husband finally moved into their dream home this past holiday season, as she flaunted her living room furniture and decor to their Instagram followers.

Fans hopped on the opportunity to diss her interior design, slamming: “That couch looks lumpy and uncomfortable AF."

“Meh I don’t dig their decor it’s always been weird," another put bluntly.

Some felt the rooms to be “cold” while another commented that their living space: “looks like the waiting room of my son’s orthodontist."

After giving a tour of the upstairs rooms including the baby nursery, disgruntled fans wrote: "They are legitimately so f**king basic. It's astounding they think they are original or stylish enough to have a home store line."

"I hate it. Since she has no real sense of style, every room looks like a different Pinterest board," a second agreed.

Chelsea gave birth to her fourth child Walker in January, whom she shares with her husband Cole DeBoer.

The couple also shares Watson and Layne, and the TV personality has her daughter Aubree, 11, from her previous relationship with Adam Lind.

Earlier this month, the young mom was criticized by her followers for not "childproofing" the large central staircase for her children.

After documenting the daunting two-story construction on her Instagram, fans shared their "worry" over the dangerous area.

However, Chelsea and Cole insisted that the stairs were "100 percent child proof."

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