Teen Mom fans mock Farrah Abraham for spelling 'Harvard' wrong as she insists she's enrolled at Ivy League school

TEEN Mom fans mocked Farrah Abraham for spelling Harvard wrong.

The reality star recently insisted she's enrolled at the Ivy League school.

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The TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 Reddit account shared Farrah's since-deleted apparent Facebook post.

Yesterday, the mom shared she "will start school at 'Havard' University," spelling the famous Ivy League school's name incorrectly.

The account captioned the post: "Is “Havard” a new university?"

Other Redditors posted: "Is this Farrah not understanding the Boston accent? Does she think it's really spelled that way?"

Another commented: "Harvard has free classes online. I'm going to start telling people I'm attending Harvard as well."

A third wrote: "Maybe she meant that she’s watching Legally Blonde on Netflix."

Last month, Farrah was branded "delusional" for claiming she has a Master's degree from Harvard University.

The Teen Mom OG alum, 29, posted on LinkedIn she has a Master Of Liberal Arts from the Creative Writing and Literature Graduate Program.

A fan asked her on TikTok: "Why does your LinkedIn say you have a Masters in Liberal Arts at Harvard University? You do know how easy it is to fact check?"

Farrah clapped back in a video, telling fans: "Thanks for being a hater at someone getting their Masters at Harvard, you're so funny. But you know what? Bank accounts don't lie and neither does my baby."

The MTV star turned to her daughter Sophia, who was sitting beside her in the car, and asked: "Where is your mom enrolled for school right now?"

The 12-year-old replied: "Harvard."

Farrah made a crying face to the camera and said, "Mmmm. Cry," and her daughter added: "Cry about it!"

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