Teen Mom Jenelle Evans shows off her curves and twerks in tiny shorts as she proclaims she has a 'big fat a**'

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans showed off her booty in tiny shorts while claiming that she has a "big fat a**" in a new video.

The former reality starrecently decided to ditch the "photoshop" and show off her "natural" body in a bikini.

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Jenelle, 29, added to her TikTok collection earlier today as she flaunted her curves in a pair of teeny tiny tight shorts.

The Teen Mom alum stood outside in front of her swimming pool in a black hoodie and tan crocs as she approached the camera, mouthing: "I got a big fat a**."

The TV personality then turned around as she motioned towards the viewers and said the words: "Come on."

Jenelle then twerked wildly as she walked away from the camera, captioning her clip: "Baby Got Back. 🍑"

The former MTV star has been vocal about her recent body changes, as she decided to ditch the "photoshop" for a bikini try-on haul.

While modeling a light pink bathing suit, she mouthed the words: "I'm so f**king sick and tired of the Photoshop. Show me something natural…"

While singing along, she zoomed in on her belly, acne scars, and her booty as she spread body positivity.

Jenelle has been very open about her weight gain, and recently took to social media to dispel pregnancy rumors.

During a date night with her controversial husband David Eason, she shared a photo in a cute white lace mini-dress.

The mom of three held an umbrella as she posed in the rain, captioning her shot: "Don't worry, be happy."

However, some fans believed a baby bump to be visible in the image and took to the comments section to express their speculation.

"Totally preggo and beautiful," one wrote frankly.

"You preggo," a second agreed, along with many others.

One fan defended Jenelle, though, slamming: "You all are so not informed, she has her tubes tied, she looks healthy and happy…"

The TV star confirmed their response, clapping back with: "I have my tubes tied ya'll."

The young mom's body positivity followed her claim that she's a victim of cancel culture, as she was just fired from yet another gig.

Jenelle was axed from her new podcast opportunity Girl S**t for making "homophobic and racist" comments.

Her release came two years after being fired from MTV, due to the fact that her husband shot and killed their family french bulldog, Nugget.

Despite her firing, earlier this week the North Carolina native claimed that the network had actually asked her back later in 2019.

In her new Youtube series entitled Addicted to Growth, she reflected on her brief split with David after being released from the network.

Jenelle even went so far as to file a restraining order against her spouse, at which point she claimed that her producers asked for footage of her single life.

She said: "I started having therapy sessions weekly and during all of this happening, I also had my old producers asking me to send them footage of my everyday life inside the apartment.

"Why did they ask for these clips? I don't know."

Though the Teen Mom 2 creators had already replaced Jenelle with Jade Cline at that time, she claimed they still asked her "questions" about her plans.

She confessed: "They were asking me what I was up to, if I was still talking to David, if I'm still planning to stay in Tennessee and all these other questions.

"And I would answer them, but I wouldn't get any response or feedback afterwards, so I just kind of did my own thing."

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