'Teen Mom OG': Gary Shirley Has More Side Jobs Than You Think

A lot is going on in the lives of the teen moms. With Jenelle Evans’ troubled relationship and legal woes taking up the lion’s share of everyone’s attention, the other stars of the show, both past, and present have been quietly making moves. Gary Shirley recently got a brand new job as a police officer. While the new career path surprised most fans, Shirley has had more than a few side gigs during his tenure on Teen Mom OG.

Gary Shirley had his own condom line

Back in 2015, Shirley decided to tap into an interesting business market. The reality TV personality worked to develop his own condom line. He revealed the product on Twitter, and while it received more than a few side-eyes from fans, many were happy to see the TV personality taking his income into his own hands.

The line was still active as of 2017, according to Pop Culture. The concept has been seemingly abandoned, but it was a good two-year run. Whether the father of two will continue the venture at some point is unknown.

The Teen Mom OG star jumped into the tee-shirt game

Back in 2011, Shirley decided to jump into the tee-shirt game. Actually, he might have been one of the first men of the Teen Mom OG cast to use his fame to propel his earning potential further. The line was launched online in 2011.

Each tee-shirt included Gary’s face and his catchphrase “it’s Gary time!” emblazoned on the front. Now defunct, there is no word on how much Shirley managed to net from the business venture. Several other Teen Mom stars have launched clothing lines, then abandoned them in recent years.

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Amber Portwood also launched a clothing line that shuttered it’s doors unexpectedly after customer complaints. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra developed a children’s clothing line that they abandoned several months ago after failing to file necessary paperwork.

Gary is officially an officer of the law

Shirley, unlike his former fiancé, appears to be looking towards the long game when it comes to his career. The father of two is a beloved member of the Teen Mom OG family, but he just fulfilled one of his dreams; he became a cop.

Shirley kept things quiet during his time in the police academy, but once he became a full-fledged officer, he let the cat out of the bag. Kristina Anderson, Gary’s wife, let the world know he was part of the police department on July 2nd. Strangely enough, the news came just three days before Amber Portwood was arrested in a violent and disturbing domestic violence incident.

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