Teen Mom Young & Pregnant's Kayla Sessler looks unrecognizable in 'photoshopped' photo during Teen Mom 2 reunion taping

TEEN Mom: Young and Pregnant star Kayla Sessler appeared unrecognizable in a new Instagram post.

Followers accused her of "photoshopping" the snap from the Teen Mom 2 reunion taping.

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The TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 Reddit shared Kayla's Instagram snap of her wearing a red lace-up top with curled hair.

They captioned the post: "Kayla… doesn’t look like Kayla?"

Others commented: "I wouldn’t have known that was her if you didn’t say it in the title."

Another shared: "Lmao zoom in, she facetuned the f**k out of her face."

Some insisted: "You can't convince me that that is Kayla."

Other Redditors questioned: "What happened here?"

Earlier this year, the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star'sex-boyfriend Stephan was ordered to pay “$40 a month in child support” before she ripped him for "paying just $11."

In February 2018 court papers exclusively obtained by The Sun, Kayla, 22, filed a complaint for support against Stephan, four months after the birth of their son Izaiah, three.

The MTV star is also engaged to boyfriend Luke Davis, with who she shares daughter Ariah.

A month later, Stephan was ordered to pay $124 per month in temporary child support, but that April the amount was adjusted to $40 a month until June 2036.

Both Kayla and Stephan listed their monthly income at $751. Stephan listed MTV – New Remote Productions as his employer.

Kayla later posted her child support check in the amount of $11.07 from her ex on Instagram.

She wrote on her Instagram Story: "So I just got my child support check in the mail, and this is for how much. This is not a joke. This is real life.”

Kayla has had a tumultuous relationship with her baby daddy since the birth of their son, but Luke has since stepped in as a father figure for their son. 

In December, Kayla also revealed she was being considered as a replacement for Chelsea Houska on Teen Mom 2.

A fan asked her: "Did they ask you to do Teen Mom 2?"

The mom of two replied: "No. knew it was between Ashley and I, but the network chose Ashley, and I'm completely fine with that!"

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