'The Bachelorette': Hannah Brown Says She Is 'Happy Now' But Her Ending Didn't Go As Expected

Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette has been a wild ride so far. She’s taking risks, she’s speaking her mind, and she’s totally smitten with the season villain. 

Frequently, Brown speaks to the camera about how overwhelmed she feels about the fighting and drama that’s taking place between contestants. A few contestants have tried to point out to her that the source of all the drama is none other than the season villain, Luke Parker, but the message sort of falls on deaf ears. What’s more, she recently told everyone to “stay in [their] lanes,” so everyone’s trying their best to not bring up the show’s most problematic contestant. 

Hannah Brown says her season didn’t end as planned

In an interview with Extra, Brown speaks about her season’s ending.   

“So dramatic. These guys are driving me nutso,” she says of how she was feeling at the time of filming what’s currently being aired. 

She was asked, of course, about her relationship with Parker.  

“It’s no secret that there is initial attraction between Luke P. and I that’s different than with some of the other guys,” she says. Whenever Brown is asked about Parker (specifically why he sticks around so long), she always cites their initial intense chemistry.  

Brown goes on to talk about how important it was for her to show her true colors while filming. She didn’t want to put on a facade for her future husband. 

“That’s why I’m really real and vulnerable the whole time because I want a man to get all of me and see all of me and know what he’s getting,” she said. 

Then Extra asked her if she’s happy with how her journey turned out.  

“Everything–how it happened, was exactly how it was supposed to happen because I’m happy now. It just wasn’t how I expected it to go,” she responded. 

In another interview Brown filmed with Extra TV just after she wrapped filming the finale, she seemed less enthusiastic about how her journey ended. For one thing, she didn’t say she was in love when asked. 

Extra TV asked her if she was happy and in love. 

She responded: “I am happy. I am so happy. Were there moments that were hard for me? Absolutely. Was this journey what I expected it to be? Absolutely not. But sitting here now I can say that I’m so happy for everything that’s happened and came out the other side alive and stronger.” 

At the time, she spoke more about getting through her journey and coming out the other side stronger than finding love. 

“I’m really excited,” she replied after being asked how she felt having just come from filming the finale. “I think I have so many emotions right now because we did just finish filming and ya’ll are just getting to see what I went through months ago. But I’m excited about it. I am super happy about how my journey went and I’m happy about the bad times too because it made me grow and it made me learn and really push myself.”

Brown told the first Extra interviewer “who she picks” (“Just between me and you, ok?” Brown had her promise),  so we know she ends up with someone. But it sounds like it might be a rocky road to get there. 

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