'The Bachelorette': This Is Who Mike Johnson Wants To Win

For Bachelor Nation, Season 15 of The Bachelorette has been the time of our lives. Hannah Brown’s journey to find love has been exciting, odd, hilarious, tense, and downright entertaining. This season of the show has been one of the best season’s that the franchise has ever produced. Tonight, Brown embarks on her final chapter for find love as part one of the two-night season finale airs. The remaining men vying for Brown’s heart are Tyler Cameron, Peter Weber, and Jed Wyatt. At this point, it’s anyone’s game, but who does fan favorite, Mike Johnson, think should win Hannah Beast’s heart?

Fan favorite, Mike Johnson

Bachelor Nation fell in love with the Johnson the moment he stepped out the limo. A 31-year-old portfolio manager from San Antonio, Texas, the bachelorette was immediately smitten with Johnson’s killer smile and sweet demeanor. As their relationship progressed, viewers learned that Johnson is well-traveled due to the time he served in the Air Force. Despite his large stature, it became evident that Johnson truly is a giant teddy bear. Brown loved that Johnson was a leader and admired how easily he was able to get along with almost everyone in the house. (But honestly, does Luke P. even count?)

The cast of The Bachelorette weighs in on the next bachelor

In fact, Johnson’s fellow castmates love him so much, they’re hoping he is named the next bachelor. “I think it would be pretty cool to see Mike Johnson as the next Bachelor. I think he’s definitely a fan favorite, and there’s never been an African American Bachelor, so that would be interesting to watch,” fellow contestant John Paul Jones said. But other castmates aren’t the only ones who want to see him be the bachelor. Even Chris Harrison (long-time host of the franchise) has confirmed that Johnson is being considered for the role.

Tyler Cameron, Peter Weber, or Jed Wyatt

Even the bachelorette herself is on board with this scenario and confessed that she hoped Johnson is the next bachelor. But just what are Johnson’s hopes for Brown? Out of the three contestants left standing, who is he hoping that she ends up with? In a recent interview with Glamour, Johnson weighed in on who he thinks would be the best life partner for Brown and why.

Tyler Cameron ftw

“I think the best choice for Hannah would be Tyler. He knows how to form and grow with someone, and Hannah came at Tyler so hard and the way that he responded and the way he reciprocated Hannah’s feelings was so genuine and such a manly thing to do. And he’s hot,” the 31-year-old added laughing. We have to agree with Johnson there, Cameron definitely gets points for being attractive.

Fierce love

But Johnson admits that Cameron possesses a lot of great qualities outside of his looks that make him a great match for the bachelorette. “Outside of that, he has her back. And what I mean by that, he allows Hannah to take the lead. He’s comfortable being the secondary person, and that’s a thing a lot of men need to learn how to do. If you want a fierce woman, an independent woman, you need to learn how to let her control the situation and have her back in that regard—but then also, Tyler can take the forefront. To be able to do both is a really precious thing, and I think Tyler has that,” Johnson said.

The Bachelorette finale & Bachelor In Paradise

We’ll have to tune in tonight to see if Brown’s pick aligns with Johnson’s. Until then, we’ll be hoping that either he or Cameron is our next bachelor. But even if the unimaginable happens and we don’t get either of our top picks as the bachelor, at least we’ll have Bachelor In Paradise to console us.

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